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Focus areas
Date Title Files and Links
Energy Efficiency Toolkit Series: IT Equipment
Energy savings at the IT Equipment level cascade through most energy consuming support systems in data centers hence multiplying the energy savings.
Introduction To The New IT Equipment Tool - Saving Energy At The IT Equipment Level - Final.pdf
A Conceptual Framework for HPC Operational Data Analytics
This paper provides a broad framework for understanding trends in Operational Data Analytics (ODA) for High-Performance Computing (HPC) facilities.
A Conceptual Framework for HPC Operational Data Analytics.pdf
Datacenter Air Management Tool Data Collection Guide
Data collection guide for the Air Management Tool. 
DOE AM Tool--Data Collection Guide v2.1 (12-3-2021).pdf
Infosys Bangalore Case Study
Infosys intended its Bangalore data center to challenge India’s data center design practices and inspire the enterprise data center industry by demonstrating best-available technology and world-class performance.
Innovation in Energy Efficiency - Infosys Bangalore DC_IGBC&LBNL_2020.pdf
Half Day Workshop | August 2020
Materials from the August 2020 virtual Half Day Workshop for the Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers Initiative
CII Workshop 2020 Aug_Vivek Rajendran Dell EMC (1).pdf
Final Agenda 19 Aug - Workshop on Green Data Centers by IGBC and LBNL US (1).pdf
8Eaton _CII Untapped Potential 19th August_Eaton (1).pdf
1DC workshop - 19 Aug 2020_IGBC - Shivraj Dhaka (1).pdf
5Data Center Sustainability v1_NPCI (1).pdf
3Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centres by_Mr Sinhal (1).pdf
Data Center Summit | December 2020
Materials from the 2 day Data Center Summit "Green & Resilient Indian Data Centers," held by IGBC, CII and LBNL.
Final Agenda_Data Center Summit 2020_CII-IGBC.pdf
Continuously Improving Energy and Water Management
High performance computing (HPC) centers are unique in certain aspects such as task scheduling and power consumption patterns.
030-037_Liu (2).pdf
Building the Business Case for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers
The energy intensity of data centers means that energy efficiency improvements have the potential to deliver substantial energy (and monetary) savings to an organization.
Building the business case for energy efficiency in data centers.pdf
Half Day Workshop | October 2020
Materials from the October 2020 virtual Half Day Workshop for the Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers Initiative.
DraftAgenda_Workshop on Green DCs by IGBC & LBNL_22Oct_v2.03 (1).pdf
Shivraj Dhaka_Green DCs workshop - 22 Oct 2020 (1).pdf
Innovative Cooling Technologies for Densely Occupied Loads in Data Centers.pptx
Efficiency through IT Hardware and Software.pdf
ECBC Guide_DCD _102220v3 w notes.pptx
Case study Infosys Data Center (003) (1).pptx
Infosys Case Study Launch Slide Deck.pptx
Energy Efficiency Toolkit Series: Air Management
This webinar provided an overview of cooling air management (AM) in data centers; identification of typical energy-saving opportunities in air management; and selective demonstration of Berkeley Lab's air management tools, including introduction of the
Data Center Toolkit Webinar Series - Air Management (1).pdf
Air Management Packages Tool
This report presents estimated energy savings for small data center chiller (refrigeration) and fan equipment in a new tabular format for various air management upgrade scenarios.
AM Package Lookup Table Final Guide 6-19-2020.pdf
Creating a Data Center Efficiency Plan
This white paper demonstrates how to create a data center energy efficiency plan by outlining the required steps, overcoming common challenges, looking at what information is important and relevant in determining savings, and what factors to consider wh
Small Data Center Webpage
Resource constrained data centers face unique challenges in their energy efficiency journey.

Getting to "Yes" for Energy Efficiency
Implementing a cost-effective energy efficiency project requires passion and a willingness to invest some time and little money. Even if you are the key decisionmaker, making an energy efficiency project happen can be complex. This Guide offers a variet
Energy Efficiency Assessment Report Template
Word template for a data center energy efficiency assessment report that can easily be tailored to site-specific data and owner/operator needs. 
DCEE Assessment Report Template v2.0_Sept. 2020.docx
Thermal Guidelines and Temperature Measurements in Data Centers
This document initially develops a list of generalized thermal best practice recommendations as a first step towards temperature management and measurements in data centers, ultimately saving infrastructure energy as well as protecting electronic equipm
FINAL Thermal Guidelines and Temp Measurements 9-15-2020.pdf
Energy Assessment Worksheet
Excel-based workbook to document the layout, metrics, actions and measurements from assessments of any data center. It is recommended that users first use the DC Pro tool before using this worksheet.
Assessment Workbook v2.0_Sept. 2020.xls
Energy Efficiency Toolkit Series: Electric Power Supply
Slide deck from the second of CoE's four part webinar series.
Power Chain Tool_091020_pub.pdf
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Model for Data Centers
Data centers are mission-critical components of all large enterprises and frequently cost hundreds of  millions of  dollars to build, yet few high-level executives understand the true cost of  building and operating such facilities.
Data Center Energy Efficiency Investments: Qualitative Evidence from Focus Groups and Interviews
This study explores potential barriers to energy-efficiency investments in data centers through focus groups and interviews with data center managers, including split incentives, uncertainty about new technologies, and more.  
EE Investments Qualitative Evidence from Focus Groups and Interviews.pdf
Why your CFO needs to meet your IT department
Article on the benefits of involving CFOs in IT decisions.

Discovering hidden costs in your data center - a CFO perspective
IBM report on what efforts forward-thinking CFOs are doing to properly account for energy costs and more efficiently manage their data centers.
Discovering hidden costs- CFO perspective.pdf
Data Center Toolkit Webinar Series: A Suite Of Energy Assessment Tools
This first webinar in the four-part series will introduce the CoE's comprehensive energy toolkit with a brief tour through each component and its role in an energy assessment of a data center.
Data Center Toolkit Webinar Series - A Suite Of Energy Assessment Tools .pdf
Everyone Has a Data Center: How to be an Energy Champion for Yours
Learn how to make the business case for energy efficiency in data centers.
Everyone has a Data Center - Slide Deck.pdf
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