Data Center Toolkit Webinar Series: A Suite Of Energy Assessment Tools

This first webinar in the four-part series will introduce the CoE's comprehensive energy toolkit with a brief tour through each component and its role in an energy assessment of a data center. The kit of 10 tools and guides is highly modular and flexible, enabling in-depth, detailed energy assessments for all components or quick analyses of individual systems or a hybrid approach. data collection and analytics for each system. facility wide. Users also can choose both - a broad and fairly easy analysis of the whole facility but a more penetrating look at one or more subsystems with elevated energy use. The webinar also covers the new Master List of Energy Efficiency Actions for Data Centers, an encyclopedia of efficiency measures and implementation tips. The kit also includes guides, a detailed field data collection tool and a reporting template with ready-made tables and charts - together, the most comprehensive, publicly available toolkit for understanding and improving energy performance in a data center.

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