Training (webinars, on-demand courses, and in-person events)
Upcoming CoE Webinars & Events

Tutorial Webinar on DCPro | Tuesday, February 19th, 2pm-3:30pm EST | Register here!

This webinar will present an overview of the online DCPro energy assessment tool for data centers followed by a walk-through of the tool's inputs, outputs, and other considerations. DCPro is a comprehensive "early stage" data center profiling tool that:

  • Estimates PUE as well as a breakdown of the current and potential energy use distribution;
  • Provides a tailored list of best practice recommendations;
  • Exports results to PDF or Excel.

Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) Trainings

In order to accelerate energy savings, the data center industry and DOE partnered to develop the Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) Program. The DCEP training program certifies energy practitioners qualified to evaluate the energy status and efficiency opportunities in data centers. DCEPs will:

  • Be qualified to identify and evaluate energy efficiency opportunities in data centers;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of the Data Center Profiler (DC Pro) and select Assessment Tools
  • Address energy opportunities in electrical systems, air management, HVAC, and IT equipment;
  • Meet academic/work experience requirements (pre-qualifications);
  • Receive training on conducting data center assessments;
  • Be required to pass one or two exams.

See our dedicated DCEP page for training dates!

On Demand Web-Based Courses & Webinars

  • *NEW* "Big Results in Small Places: Exploring the Untapped Energy Efficiency Potential of Small Data Centers." On-demand webinar hosted by Better Buildings in January 2018 - view webinar recording | view slides
  • "FEMP Training Certificate Series: Data Center Energy Efficiency" - registration (individual courses outlined below)
  • "Data Center Energy Efficiency: IT Equipment and Software Efficiency" - registration
  • "Data Center Energy Efficiency: Environmental Conditions" - registration
  • "Data Center Energy Efficiency: Air Management" - registration
  • "Data Center Energy Efficiency: Cooling Systems" - registration 
  • "Data Center Energy Efficiency: Electrical Systems" - registration
  • "Data Center Energy Efficiency Best Practices" - registration
  • "FEMP16 Advanced HVAC in High-Tech Buildings: Data Centers" - registration (not part of FEMP's certificate series)