Training (webinars, on-demand courses, and in-person events)

Upcoming CoE Webinars & Events

Designing and Managing Data Centers for Resilience: Demand Response and Microgrids | Online | Tuesday, December 3, 2019 2PM EST-3:30 EST
Join CoE's Dale Sartor and a number of industry subject matter experts for an online panel webinar to learn how innate data center features can be tapped into to enhance resilience. Presidential Policy Directive 21 on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience calls upon federal agencies for a “national unity of effort to strengthen critical infrastructure security and resilience,” including federal critical information facilities. This webinar will review typical data center features that already support reliability, then describe two pathways – demand response (DR) and microgrids – that can enhance resilience, or the ability of data centers and surrounding infrastructure to withstand and rapidly recover from attacks, accidents or naturally occurring threats or incidents. This training will describe DR and microgrid technologies, the business case for their deployment and proven examples of their implementation. This webinar will also explore questions that should be asked and practical steps that can be taken to enhance the resilience of data centers.
This webinar will be particularly useful for data center energy managers, federal project executives (FPEs), and agencies. Expected learning outcomes include:
  • Understand federal policy on critical infrastructure and resilience and how these may be understood to apply to data centers
  • Learn what demand response and microgrid strategies are and what they can offer data center operators
  • Understand barriers to, and the business case for, implementing DR and/or a microgrid for a data center
  • Learn practical steps to identifying the value that DR and/or a microgrid may bring to a given facility
  • Identify relevant resources that can assist data center operators and agencies in considering DR and microgrids as contributors to reliability and resilience in their specific context



Upcoming Conference Participation

New Horizons – Getting Back to Liquid Cooling | Phoenix, AZ | Tuesday, October 28th | 3:00PM-4:00PM

Amidst a backdrop of increasing computing demand, warm liquid cooling is among the cutting edge technologies that have emerged to lower energy bills and improve resiliency in data centers. In this panel presentation, experts from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will give an overview of the applications and benefits of warm liquid cooling in data centers. Industry-wide efforts to develop open specifications for liquid cooling will also be discussed. Experts from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Sandia National Laboratory will share their success stories and lessons learned in implementing warm liquid cooling solutions as the industry approaches New Horizons.

Tenth Annual Workshop for the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group (EE HPC WG) | Denver, CO | Monday, November 18th | 9:00AM-5:30PM

The workshop for the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group brings together those concerned with HPC energy efficiency and energy conservation of both HPC systems and facilities. The annual workshop has a broad scope of energy efficiency in HPC ranging from silicon and components, through platform integration, software, and firmware and up to the data center, facility, and connection to the utility provider. Because of this broad scope, we engage a wide spectrum of participants- both facilities and operationally focused people as well as computer engineers and architects- which enhances the discussions and sharing that occurs.




Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) Trainings

In order to accelerate energy savings, the data center industry and DOE partnered to develop the Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) Program. The DCEP training program certifies energy practitioners qualified to evaluate the energy status and efficiency opportunities in data centers. DCEPs will:

  • Be qualified to identify and evaluate energy efficiency opportunities in data centers;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of the Data Center Profiler (DC Pro) and select Assessment Tools
  • Address energy opportunities in electrical systems, air management, HVAC, and IT equipment;
  • Meet academic/work experience requirements (pre-qualifications);
  • Receive training on conducting data center assessments;
  • Be required to pass one or two exams.

See our dedicated DCEP page for training dates!


On Demand Web-Based Courses & Webinars

FEMP On-Demand Data Center Efficiency Series

These on-demand data center energy efficiency courses were developed as part of a larger series, developed to be a comprehensive introduction to identifying and implementing energy efficiency measures in data centers. It is recommended that they are taken sequentially in the order presented below. To register for these courses, first create an account on WBDG here. To register for an individual course, once logged into your WBDG account, click the link associated with the training below, and click "Enroll in the Course" to the right of the individual course page. 

  • Data Center Energy Efficiency Best Practices - registration
    • This eTraining covers why energy efficient data centers are critical, the best energy efficiency opportunities, and energy management improvement processes. Topics include best practices for acquisition, benchmarking, performance metrics, and managing energy and environmental systems in Federal data centers.
  • Data Center Energy Efficiency: Air Management - registration
    • This eTraining will go in depth on the energy savings opportunities in air management within the data center. This course will go in depth on hot and cold aisles, containment strategies, recirculation and bypass air, airflow restriction and congestion and alternatives to underfloor air management systems.
  • Data Center Energy Efficiency: Environmental Conditions - registration
    • This eTraining will go in depth on the energy savings opportunities in the environmental considerations of a data center. These opportunities include room temperature considerations, humidity controls, ASHRAE Standards, and liquid cooling guidelines.
  • Data Center Energy Efficiency: Cooling Systems - registration
    • This eTraining will go in depth on the energy savings opportunities in the cooling systems within a data center. The opportunities include optimizing traditional cooling systems, moving to liquid cooling systems, utilizing free cooling, and correcting humidity controls.
  • Data Center Energy Efficiency: Electrical Systems - registration
    • This course will present best practices on energy efficiency in data centers. This eTraining will go in depth on the energy savings opportunities within the electrical system of the data center. This course will focus on efficient components and configurations of data centers, power conversions energy loss, and redundancy requirements for increased efficiency.
  • Data Center Energy Efficiency: IT Equipment and Software Efficiency - registration
    • This eTraining will go in depth on the energy savings opportunities within the IT equipment, such as server energy efficiency opportunities, and consolidation best practices. It will cover the efficiency ratings for different power supplies and the ways software can be managed to keep the optimal load for energy savings.

Other On-Demand Courses

  • NEW!*Tutorial Webinar on DCPro.
  • Big Results in Small Places: Exploring the Untapped Energy Efficiency Potential of Small Data Centers. 
  • FEMP16 Advanced HVAC in High-Tech Buildings: Data Centersregistration
    • This course covers the best known methods for reducing the energy-intensity of data centers by utilizing server-virtualization, optimizing the temperature within the data center, selecting energy-efficient cooling options, how to arrange server racks and aisles and many other efficiency opportunities. It emphasizes the need for server administrators to work with, rather than independent of facility operators.