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07/24/2018 A Joint Initiative to “Enhance Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers”
Slides from the First Advisory Group Meeting
PDF icon Annexure-A IGBC and LBNL - DC Initiative, S Srinivas (1).pdf
07/17/2018 India Data Center Initiative | July 2018
Resources and meeting materials from the July 2018 Advisory Group Meeting.  
PDF icon AGM Meeting - Agenda - July 2018.pdf
PDF icon AGM Meeting - Kickoff - July 2018.pdf
PDF icon AGM Meeting - Recommendations for 2017 ECBC Requirements- July 2018.pdf
07/02/2018 Demonstration: Portable Air Management Measurement Tools
This report focuses on improving air management in small data centers due to the great potential for energy savings across the data center industry.
PDF icon Air Management Measurement Tool Demo FINAL 2-23-2018.pdf
06/26/2018 Presentation: Harmonization of Open Standards
Slides from Dale Sartor's presentation at the Data Center Dynamics Conference in San Francisco in June, 2018. The presentation covers the working group effort to develop a liquid cooled rack specification. 
File Webscale2018Presentation.pptx
06/22/2018 Open Specification for a Liquid Cooled Server Rack
This document is a progress update on the development of an open specification for a liquid cooled server rack. The initiative to develop an open specification for liquid cooling is part of a larger initiative to harmonize international open standards i
PDF icon OpenSpecification.pdf
04/18/2018 Presentation Slides: Air Management Webinar
Slides from Magnus Herrlin's April 12th, 2018 webinar on Air Management. In this webinar, participants will: Learn basic Air Management "Best Practices" Detect Common Problems Correct Common Problems  
PDF icon Air Management Webinar_0.pdf
Presentation Slides: Air Management Webinar
04/03/2018 Data Driven. Advancing a Sustainable Future. (Video)
What is the future of the cloud? Take an inside look at the rise of our data driven world and the environmental impact of the energy consumption that data centers have today.

02/22/2018 Presentation: Big Results in Small Places Exploring the Untapped Energy Efficiency Potential of Small Data Centers
Webinar slides from Better Buildings' Small Data Center Webinar, held on January 9th, 2018.  
PDF icon Big_Results_Small_Places-webinar slides.pdf
11/01/2017 Presentation: Environmental Conditions for Data Centers
Slides from the November 2017 presentation on Environmental Conditions for Data Centers from Steve Greenberg of LBNL.
PDF icon DCOI LBNL Env Conditions webinar 110117.pdf
10/01/2017 Data Centers and Advanced Microgrids Meeting Resiliency, Efficiency, and Sustainability Goals Through Smart and Cleaner Power Infrastructure
While other facilities such as military bases, hospitals, and universities are exploring the concept of an advanced microgrid, data centers have been slow to warm up to the concept.
PDF icon schneiderelectricnavigantresearchdatacentersandadvancedmicrogridswhitepaper102017pdf (3).pdf
09/28/2017 Small Data Centers, Large Energy Savings: an Introduction for Owners and Operators
Webinar features Steve Greenberg, a lead author of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s "Small Data Center Energy Savings Guide,"  who provides actionable guidance to save energy in small data centers (less than 5,000 squa
PDF icon Small Data Center Presentation.928.17.pdf
09/14/2017 Presentation: Federal Utility Partnership for Data Centers
Presentation slides from a September 14th, 2017 webinar. The webinar provided an overview of the Center of Expertise for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers' resources available to utilities and outline a strategy for U.S.
PDF icon Utility Partnerships Webinar Slides Sept-13-17.pdf
09/12/2017 Utility Energy Efficiency Program Design: Server Room Assessments and Retrofits
This paper presents a suite of programs and services to help utilities capture the market opportunity of energy savings in data centers.
PDF icon Utility Energy Efficiency Program Design.pdf
The U.S.
PDF icon Understanding and Designing Energy Efficiency Programs for Data Centers.pdf
08/29/2017 DCOI Guide for Data Center Migration, Consolidation, and Closure
This guide supports Federal agencies in their data center management while ensuring that planning is comprehensive for the evaluation, migration, and consolidation of data centers.
PDF icon DCOI migration guide.pdf
08/21/2017 Presentation: Practical Considerations for Metering and Power Usage Effectiveness
Slides from Dale Sartor's August 17, 2017 presentation on metering and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) while participating in FEMP's Energy Exchange Data Center Panel.
PDF icon Sartor Metering and PUE EExchange.pdf
08/21/2017 Energy-Savings Opportunities in Small Data Centers
Slides from Steve Greenberg's August 17th, 2017 presentation during FEMP's Energy Exchange Data Center Panel. 
PDF icon SmallDataCenterPresentation.Greenberg.EnergyExchange.17Aug2017.pdf
08/14/2017 Energy Exchange 2017: Better Buildings, Better Data Centers
Presentation from the August 14th, 2017 1/2 day pre-conference Energy Exchange Workshop.
PDF icon Energy Exchange Data Center Workshop 081117.pdf
07/18/2017 DOE Data Center Air Management (AM) Estimator: User's Manual
This document provides users with everything they need to know about the Air Management Estimator, a simplified version of the DOE Data Center Air Management Tool. 
Binary Data DOE AM Estimator
PDF icon User's Manual v1 (6-30-2017) (1).pdf
07/14/2017 Data Center Energy Efficiency Best Practices Workshop
PDF icon FEMP Flier-7-13.pdf
07/12/2017 Harmonization of Open Standards: Development of a Liquid Cooled Rack Specification
Presentation slides from the 2017 Data Center Dynamics Conference in Shanghai. The panel discussed the development of the liquid cooling rack specification and the standards harmonization project. 
PDF icon SHANGHAI DCD Liquid Cooling panel 061517.pdf
06/28/2017 Air Management in Small Data Centers (PG&E)
This report focuses on improving air management in small data centers (
PDF icon pgande_final_report_2016_herrlin2001204.pdf
06/27/2017 Data Center Air Management Estimator
The Data Center Air Management Estimator is a simplified version of the Air Management Tool that uses the same engine. The input options in this tool have been reduced in favor of increased clarity.   
Office spreadsheet icon AM Estimator Version 1-0_0.xls
06/26/2017 Improving Energy Efficiency for Server Rooms & Closets
A guide outlining effective methods to increase energy efficiency- ranging from low to high cost.
PDF icon Improving Energy Efficiency for Server Rooms and Closets.pdf
06/22/2017 ENERGY STAR Page on Enterprise Servers
Overview of ENERGY STAR certified Enterprise Servers.

ENERGY STAR Page on Enterprise Servers