Energy Efficiency Toolkit Series: Air Management

This webinar provided an overview of cooling air management (AM) in data centers; identification of typical energy-saving opportunities in air management; and selective demonstration of Berkeley Lab's air management tools, including introduction of the new AM Lookup Tables (aimed chiefly at smaller data centers). To varying degrees, these tools enable detailed diagnosis of cooling air flow and environmental control issues for a data center and, with two of the three tools, recommended or tailored actions to achieve energy savings, as well as estimates of those energy savings.

Extensive data collection may be needed to diagnose air management issues and take an energy assessor under floors and into the ceiling, but the solutions often rank among the lowest cost, lowest-hanging fruit in the realm of data center efficiency. The air management tools are thus among the most sought-after resources in FEMP's Center for Expertise for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers. As time allows, the webinar will also include mentions of other Center of Expertise resources and technical assistance opportunities.

The training is the third in a series that introduces a comprehensive toolkit for identifying energy-saving opportunities in data centers in furtherance of statutory and administrative requirements that federal agencies reduce their energy use and ensure energy resilience for critical infrastructure. Putting these tools in the hands of federal data center operators and energy managers enables achievement of those objectives.

Cooling & Air Management
Environmental Conditions