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03/22/2012 Modular Data Centers
Presentation on modular data centers and results of a corrosivity study. Author(s): Coles, H.C.
PDF icon March2012PG&ESanFrancisco.pdf
03/01/2012 Improving Data Center Efficiency with Rack or Row Cooling Devices
In new data center designs, capacity provisioning for ever-higher power densities puts into question whether conventional room-conditioning systems can manage future information technology (IT) loads.
PDF icon dc_chilloff2.pdf
03/01/2012 Wireless Sensor Network for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Data Centers
Study was conducted to validate the premise that providing data center operators with detailed, realtime measurement of environmental parameters and power consumption enables them to establish baseline performance, discover areas of sub-optimal performa
PDF icon Wireless Sensor Network Report_2012.pdf
03/01/2012 Energy Efficiency Investigation for the Magellan Super Computer at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
The Magellan supercomputer, located at NERSC (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center) in Oakland California, consists of an IBM iDataPlex system with 400 compute nodes.  This system is cooled with passive rear doors.
PDF icon Magellan-Report-final-v2.pdf
02/29/2012 Government Information Technology Executive Council Best Practices for Data Center Energy Efficiency - D.C. 2012
Presentation given to the Government Information Technology Executive Council in Washington, D.C. Author(s): Sartor, D.
PDF icon gitec-dc-workshop-0212.pdf
02/01/2012 Are There Ghosts in Your Closet? Saving Wasted Energy in Computer Server Rooms
Brief document that outlines how to optimize the energy footprint of server rooms. Author(s): Pierre Delforge from National Resources Defense Council
PDF icon NRDC_SmallDCs2012_Brief.pdf
02/01/2012 Small Server Rooms, Big Energy Savings
The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) survey was designed to provide insight into three areas: How much are small and medium-sized companies using energy-saving virtualization and cloud computing?
PDF icon NRDC_ServerRooms2012.pdf
01/01/2012 Data Center Efficiency and IT Equipment Reliability At Wider Operating Temperatures and Humidity Ranges
Paper concludes that many data centers can realize overall operational cost savings by leveraging looser environmental controls within the wider range of supported temperature and humidity limits as established by equipment manufacturers.
PDF icon WP50-Data Center Efficiency and IT Equipment Reliability at Wider Operating Temperature and Humidity Ranges.pdf
01/01/2012 Updated Air-Side Free Cooling Maps: The Impact of ASHRAE 2011 Allowable Ranges
In May 2011, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) published updated guidelines for the “Recommended” and “Allowable” temperature and humidity of data centers.
PDF icon WP46UpdatedAirsideFreeCoolingMapsTheImpactofASHRAE2011AllowableRanges.pdf
01/01/2012 Quick Start Guide to Increase Data Center Energy Efficiency
Two-page PDF that summarizes best practices for energy efficiency in data centers and how to get started. By the U.S. General Services Administration and U.S. Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program.

Quick Start Guide
01/01/2012 Improving Energy Efficiency for Server Rooms and Closets
Brief Summary Fact sheet: Top 14 Measures to Save Energy in Your Server Room or Closet. Author(s): Brown, R., B. Tschudi, and P. Delforge
PDF icon fact-sheet-ee-server-rooms-3.pdf
01/01/2012 A Power-Management Methodology for Large-Scale, High-Performance Computing (DRAFT)
This paper describes a methodology that has been developed collaboratively through the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group to support architectural analysis and comparative measurements for rankings, such as the Top500 and Green500.
PDF icon ICPE Paper Dec 31.pdf
12/01/2011 Reducing Data Center Loads for a Largescale, Low-energy Office Building: NREL’s Research Support Facility
In June 2010, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) completed construction on the new 220,000- square foot (ft2) Research Support Facility (RSF) which included a 1,900-ft2 data center (the RSF will expand to 360,000 ft2 with the opening of an
PDF icon Reducing_Data_Center_Loads.pdf
12/01/2011 Reducing Data Center Loads for a Large-Scale, Net Zero Office Building
In constructing a new research facility for its campus, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) project team identified the opportunity to design a world-class, energy-efficient data center to support its operations.
PDF icon nrel_datacenter_cs.pdf
11/01/2011 "Hot for Warm Cooling (presentation)
Presentation that discusses highly efficient cooling achieved by utilizing high temperature fluids delivered to the inlet of IT equipment; from the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group presentation at SC-11.
PDF icon SC11Hotwaterplusliquidsolutions.pdf
11/01/2011 Recommendation For Incorporating Data Center Specific Sustainability Best Practices into EO13514 Implementation
Document that provides guidance on incorporating data center sustainability measures pertaining to specific agency sustainability plans. The energy use reduction directly correlates with the greenhouse gas emission.
PDF icon Recommendation for EO13514.pdf
09/19/2011 Laboratories for the 21st Century: Data Center Efficiency Workshop
Presentation from the Laboratories for the 21st Century: Data Center Efficiency Workshop in Providence, RI. Author(s): Sartor, D. and G.C. Bell
PDF icon datacenter-workshop-19sep11.pdf
09/01/2011 Recovery Act: Federspiel Controls (now Vigilent) and State of California Department of General Services Data Center Energy Efficient Cooling Control Demonstration
Eight State of California data centers were equipped with an intelligent energy management system to evaluate the effectiveness, energy savings, dollar savings and benefits that arise when powerful artificial intelligence-based technology measures, moni
PDF icon 1025751.pdf
08/07/2011 GovEnergy 2011 - Data Center Efficiency Workshop
Presentation from the Data Center Efficiency Workshop Data Center Efficiency workshop given at GovEnergy in Cincinnati. Author(s): Sartor, D.
PDF icon data-center-workshop-2aug11.pdf
08/01/2011 Department of Energy Laboratories: Leadership in Green IT
Join the 17 DOE laboratories as we recap stories about our efforts to make each laboratory’s energy-intensive IT capabilities “green” and supportive of DOE sustainability efforts.
PDF icon Leadership_Green_IT.pdf
07/09/2011 Corrosion Coupons May Not Be Useful for Predicting Data Center Equipment Failure Rates (Presentation)
Presentation at the Indoor Air Conference June 2011: Corrosion Coupons May Not Be Useful for Predicting Data Center Equipment Failure Rates Author(s): Han, T., H.C. Coles, P.N. Price, A.Gadgil, and B.Tschudi
PDF icon Indoor-Air-997-Henry Coles-v3.pdf
06/27/2011 Recommendation to ASHRAE TC 9.9 - Liquid Cooling GuidelinesHPC Compressorless Liquid Cooling Building Supplied Cooling Water Guideline
Presentation to ASHRAE TC 9.9 from HPC Working Group including LBNL that contains the technical basis for liquid cooling temperture guidelines.
PDF icon ashrae-recommend-6-2011.pdf
06/27/2011 The Effect of Data Centre Environment on IT Reliability & Energy Consumption
Presentation from Green Grid covering the following:
PDF icon 2011EMEATechForum_TheEffectofDataCentreEnvironmentonITandEnergyConsumption.pdf
06/01/2011 Corrosion coupons may not be useful for predicting data center equipment failure rates
Paper presented at the Indoor Air Conference June 2011: Corrosion Coupons May Not Be Useful for Predicting Data Center Equipment Failure Rates Author(s): Coles, H.C., P.N. Price, T. Han, A. Gadgil, and B. Tschudi
PDF icon Corrosion-Indoor-Air-2011-997v3.pdf
03/01/2011 Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE™): A Green Grid Data Center Sustainability Metric
Link to download white paper on the Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) metric from Green Grid's website. Registration is required to download, but it's free to register.

Link to Green Grid