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01/01/2010 ERE: A Metric for Measuring the Benefit of Reuse Energy from a Data Center

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a base data center infrastructure metric, but it does not consider these alternate uses for the waste energy.

PDF icon EREmetric_GreenGrid.pdf
01/01/2010 Energy Efficiency Guidelines & Best Practices in Indian Datacenters
PDF icon Indian Datacenters_2010.pdf
12/01/2009 Demonstration of DASH at California Franchise Tax Board

Control software and wireless sensors designed for closed-loop, monitoring and control of IT equipment’s inlet air temperatures in datacenters were evaluated and tested while other datacenter cooling best practices were implemented.

PDF icon Demo of DASH_2009.pdf
10/15/2009 U.S. Data Centers Save Energy Now

Presentation on Save Energy Now, which is a national initiative operated by the Department of Energy's (DOE) Industrial Technologies Prograom (ITP).

PDF icon Save Energy Now Program: Datacenters
09/02/2009 Efficiency Opportunities in Data Centers - 2009

Presentation on efficiency opportunities in data centers. 

Author(s): Tschudi, B.

PDF icon Tschudi 9-3-2009
09/01/2009 Control of Computer Room Air Conditioning Using IT Equipment Sensors

The goal of this demonstration was to show how sensors in IT equipment could be accessed and used to directly control computer room air conditioning.

PDF icon AC Control with IT Sensors
08/17/2009 Utility Webinar Flier Image icon DOE-Utility_Webinar.png
07/30/2009 Gaseous and Particulate Contamination Guidelines for Data Centers

ASHRAE white paper on data center airborne contamination developed by members of the TC 9.9 committee representing the following IT equipment manufacturers: AMD, Cisco, Cray, Dell, EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Intel, Seagate, SGI, and Sun

PDF icon ASHRAE_Contamination_Whitepaper_30_July_2009.pdf
07/01/2009 Sybase Case Study: Database Technology Company Saves $262,000 Annually

In 2005, Sybase conducted an energy audit that revealed that their data center N+1 cooling capacity was at risk due to the center’s rapid growth.

PDF icon Sybase_Case_Study.pdf
06/05/2009 High Performance Computing with High Efficiency

Presentation on the computational facility designed for the University of California in Berkeley, CA that was designed to accommodate either air or liquid cooling. 

Author(s): Tschudi, B., S. Greenberg and A. Khann

PDF icon Berkeley CRT - Tschudi, Greenberg 2009
05/13/2009 Data Center R&D Roadmap

This document reflects the ideas and solutions expressed by the more than sixty experts who attended the “Vision and Roadmap Workshop on Routing Telecom and Data Centers Toward Efficient Energy Use,” held on October 15 and 16, 2008, at the Yahoo!

PDF icon DC R&D Roadmap
03/03/2009 Energy Efficiency for Business Technology: Sacramento Municipal Utility Disctrict

Presentation given to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. Author(s): Greenberg, S., M. Bramfitt, and P. Rumsey

PDF icon Greenberg Rumsey Bramfitt - 3-3-2009
03/01/2009 Indian Data Center Tip Sheet

This best practice tip sheet has been adapted from “A Quick Start to Energy Efficiency” developed by LBNL. 

PDF icon Datacenter Tipsheet India_2009.pdf
03/01/2009 Opportunities for Combined Heat and Power in Data Centers

Report analyzes the opportunities for CHP technologies to assist primary power in making the data center more cost-effective and energy efficient.

PDF icon Opportunities for Combined Heat & Power in Data Centers
02/01/2009 Impact of Air Filtration on the Energy and Indoor Air Quality of Economizer-based Data Centers in the PG&E Territory

The goal of the project is to encourage the use of air economizers in data centers by developing a framework for making energy and lifecycle cost comparisons for various filtration options and to better understand the impact of climate on data centers.

PDF icon PG&E Impact of Air Filtration_2009.pdf
01/01/2009 High Performance Computing with High Efficiency

A new computational facility under design for the University of California in Berkeley, CA is such a center that is being designed to accommodate either air or liquid cooling. This paper describes the unique design features of this center whose goals in

PDF icon High Performance Computer with High Efficiency
12/23/2008 DC Power for Data Centers of the Future

Website that outlines the benefits of using a Direct Current (DC) Power distribution scheme throughout a data center instead of the conventional Alternating Current (AC) power.

Link to DC Power for Data Centers of the Future site
12/01/2008 Verizon - DOE Assessment Identifies 30% Energy Savings for Broadband and Wireless Communication Company

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and utilizing new, energy-saving technologies are principal environmental objectives for Verizon Communications Inc. In 2008, the company participated in a U.S.

PDF icon Verizon Case Study
11/13/2008 Data Center Assessments to Identify Efficiency Opportunities Presentation

Presentation that outlines a number of tools and strategies to aid practitioners in reducing energy consumption in datacenters.

Author(s): Tschudi, B.

PDF icon Datacenter Assessments to Identify Efficiency Opportunities
10/01/2008 DC Power Distribution Cuts Data Center Energy Use

California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research Program (PIER) technical Brief on Direct Current (DC) Power. Author(s): Tschudi, B.

PDF icon DC Power_PIER Brief_2008.pdf
09/01/2008 Lucasfilm - DOE Assessment Evaluates Energy Performance of Largest Computer Network in Entertainment Industry

Populated with high-end servers, the Lucasfilm data center is critical to delivering large volumes of data and high-resolution images to the desktops of graphic artists, game developers, and motion picture directors.

PDF icon sen-lucasfilm.pdf
09/01/2008 Worldwide Electricity Use in Data Centers

This study estimates historical electricity used by data centers worldwide and regionally on the basis of more detailed data than were available for previous assessments, including electricity used by servers, data centern communications, and storage eq

PDF icon Data Center Energy Use 2008
08/01/2008 Data Center Control with Wireless Sensor Technology and Airflow Management

Presentation demonstrating DASH, given at the California Franchise Tax Board.

PDF icon DASH demo Presentation_2009.pdf
06/03/2008 Energy Assessment Worksheets

This worksheet can be used to document metrics, actions and measurements. It is recommended that users first use the DC Pro tool before using this worksheet.

Office spreadsheet icon draft-dcpro.xls
03/01/2008 DC Power for Improved Data Center Efficiency

This report details a demonstration of alternative approaches for delivering power to computational and network equipment in a data center using Direct Current (DC) Power, and comparing its efficiency to the more traditional approach using AC.

PDF icon DC Power Demo_2008.pdf