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02/21/2019 Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers (Slide Deck)
Presentation given by Dale Sartor at the First Advisory Group Meeting (held in Bangalore in July 2018) for the "Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers Initiative."
PDF icon Annexure-B Accelerating energy efficiency in Indian Data centers.pdf
03/07/2019 Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers
Slide presentation from the chiller subgroup during the February 13th Bangalore meeting.
10/30/2015 A practical approach to PUE (article)
Article by LBNL featured in Data Center Dynamics' opinion section and online newsletter.

Link to view on Data Center Dynamics' site
01/01/2012 A Power-Management Methodology for Large-Scale, High-Performance Computing (DRAFT)
This paper describes a methodology that has been developed collaboratively through the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group to support architectural analysis and comparative measurements for rankings, such as the Top500 and Green500.
PDF icon ICPE Paper Dec 31.pdf
07/24/2018 A Joint Initiative to “Enhance Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers”
Slides from the First Advisory Group Meeting
PDF icon Annexure-A IGBC and LBNL - DC Initiative, S Srinivas (1).pdf
09/24/2019 A Joint Initiative of IGBC and LBNL US for “Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centres”
Slide deck presentation from the September 24th, 2019 Data Center Blueprint Summit held in Mumbai. 
Office presentation icon IGBC and LBNL Initiative of EE in DCs.ppt
07/17/2019 A Joint Initiative of IGBC and LBNL US for Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centres
Presentation slides from the July 2019 Advisory Group Meeting.
PDF icon 2nd AGM Bangalore_SRD (1).pdf
02/22/2014 A Holistic Approach to Reducing Cost and Resource Consumption
This article from the Uptime Institute, A Holistic A

07/13/2015 7x24
The 7X24 Exchange is an industry association who's goal is to improve end to end reliability by promoting an exchange of information between those that design, build, and maintain data center facilities.

10/07/2019 5 Simple Ways to Avoid Energy Waste in Your Data Center
These five measures can save a significant amount of energy and are fairly easily implemented.   

01/01/2013 380 Vdc Architectures for the Modern Data Center
This paper presents an overview of the case for the application of 380 Vdc as a vehicle for optimization and simplification of the critical electrical system in the modern data center.
PDF icon 380VdcArchitecturesfortheModernDataCenter.pdf
07/08/2016 2016 Best Practice Guidelines for the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency
Document is a companion to the European Union (EU) Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency and provides the full list of identified Best Practices for data centre operators as referenced in the Code of Conduct Participant and Endorser Guideline

Best Practice Guidelines
12/01/2015 2015 Executive Order For Federal Data Centers (article)
Article by LBNL's Magnus Herrlin, and Bruce Myatt featured in Mission Critical Magazine's column, Zink Whiskers.

Link to view on Mission Critical's site
08/02/2007 2007 EPA Report to Congress on Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency
The United States (U.S.) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed this report in response to the request from Congress stated in Public Law 109-431.
PDF icon EPA_Datacenter_Report_Congress_Final1.pdf
10/07/2019 16 More Ways to Cut Energy Waste in the Data Center
Generate ideas on how to reduce energy waste in your data center with ENERGY STAR's recommended energy efficiency actions, available here.

02/02/2011 1 Modular/Container Data Centers Procurement Guide: Optimizing for Energy Efficiency and Quick Deployment
Modular data center offerings from 17 companies are reviewed and evaluated for PUE.  First and second generation designs are compared. Feb. 2011 Author(s): Bramfitt, M. and H.C. Coles
PDF icon Modular_Data_Center_Procurement_Guide GSA.pdf
07/23/2021 "Hot" for Warm Water Cooling
The transition from air to liquid cooling is an inflection point providing an opportunity to work collectively to set guidelines for facilitating the energy efficiency of liquid-cooled High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities and systems.
PDF icon Hot for Warm Water Cooling.pdf
11/01/2011 "Hot for Warm Cooling (presentation)
Presentation that discusses highly efficient cooling achieved by utilizing high temperature fluids delivered to the inlet of IT equipment; from the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group presentation at SC-11.
PDF icon SC11Hotwaterplusliquidsolutions.pdf