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02/25/2016 Status Report on Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers and Developing Core IT Metric to Report Energy Performance of Data Centers
Presentation slides created to gather input on potential IT-specific energy performance metrics for reporting energy performance of data centers from a Core-IT Stakeholder Consultative Working Group in India.
PDF icon India_CoreITgroupPresentation022016.pdf
02/01/2012 Small Server Rooms, Big Energy Savings
The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) survey was designed to provide insight into three areas: How much are small and medium-sized companies using energy-saving virtualization and cloud computing?
PDF icon NRDC_ServerRooms2012.pdf
06/29/2017 Small Embedded Data Center Program Pilot
A 2016 U.S.
PDF icon 408322.pdf
09/28/2017 Small Data Centers, Large Energy Savings: an Introduction for Owners and Operators
Webinar features Steve Greenberg, a lead author of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s "Small Data Center Energy Savings Guide,"  who provides actionable guidance to save energy in small data centers (less than 5,000 squa
PDF icon Small Data Center Presentation.928.17.pdf
03/29/2017 Small Data Centers, Large Energy Savings(Presentation)
Slides from Steve Greenberg's webinar on Saving Energy in Your Small Data Centers.
PDF icon Small Data Centers, Large Energy Savings Presentation03292017.pdf
03/27/2017 Small Data Centers, Big Energy Savings
The purpose of this brief guide is to present opportunities for small data center owners and operators that generally make sense and do not need expensive assessment and analysis to justify.
PDF icon Small Data Centers, Big Energy Savings.pdf
08/21/2018 Small Data Center Workshop Presentation Slides
Presentation slides from Dale Sartor's Small Data Center Workshop at Energy Exchange on August 20th, 2018.
PDF icon Small_Data_Center_Workshop.pdf
10/01/2020 Small Data Center Webpage
Resource constrained data centers face unique challenges in their energy efficiency journey.

07/13/2015 Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG)
The Silicon Valley Leadership Group is a public policy business trade organization.

06/01/2017 Shining a Light on Small Data Centers in the U.S.
This report analyzes the  distribution of small data centers across the United States by geographic distribution and by building activity.

Shining a Light on Small Data Centers in the U.S.
04/04/2014 Seventh Floor Data Centers RAY Building, Saint Louis, Missouri: Energy Usage Efficiency Assessment Report
This energy assessment, sponsored by the General Services Administration (GSA) and Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), focuses on two data centers on the seventh floor of the Robert A. Young (RAY) Building.
PDF icon RAY Energy assessment report -Mahdavi-May 2014.pdf
06/21/2004 Server Power Supply Loading Guideline
Presentation on the Server Power Supply Loading Guideline. The purposes of this Guideline is to ensure that the loading for each DC bus for a multi output server power supply is consistent when measuring power supply efficiency and to allow consistency
PDF icon ServerPowerSupply_2004.pdf
06/28/2010 Self-benchmarking Guide for Data Center Infrastructure: Metrics, Benchmarks, Actions
Guide that builds on prior data center benchmarking studies supported by the California energy Commission. Much of the benchmarking data are drawn from the LBNL data center benchmarking database that was developed from these studies.
PDF icon datacenter-benchmarking-guide.pdf
03/31/2015 Self-benchmarking Guide (Datacenters)
This guide describes energy efficiency metrics and benchmarks that can be used to track the performance of and identify potential opportunities to reduce energy use of data center HVAC and electrical systems. This guide is primarily intended for personn

Self-benchmarking Guide
05/01/2006 Self Benchmarking Guide for Data Center Energy Performance
Energy benchmarking offers a very effective way to evaluate the performance of a data center facility and compare it to similar facilities.
PDF icon self_benchmarking_guide-2.pdf
09/01/2013 Saving Energy in Data Centers: Low Cost Energy Efficiency Measures Case Studies
Presentation with the following objectives:
PDF icon LBNL Data Center low cost EEMs Presentation I2SL 2013 -Mahdavi.pdf
08/21/2013 Saving Energy in Data Centers: Applying Best Practices - Hyderabad, India 2013
Presentation from the CII Data Center Workshop in Hyderabad, India. Author(s): Sartor, D.
PDF icon dc-ee-dcw-08-21-2013.pdf
12/20/2018 Role of Commissioning in Equipment Performance – Codes and Standards
Presentation from the one day national workshop on “Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers,” held in July 2018.
PDF icon Role of commissioning in Equipment Performance_24.07.18_KR.pdf
01/01/2002 Roadmap for Public Interest Research for High-Performance Data Centers
The roadmap development identified many areas where significant efficiency gains could be achieved through adoption of current best practices, better application of existing technology, and research into new technological solutions.
PDF icon datacenters_roadmap_final_0.pdf
04/26/2016 Revised Specifications for Data Centers for Incorporation in ECBC - 2016, India
Presentation slides that introduce the data center specific technical specification/recommendations for the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) in India.
PDF icon CII_LBNLWorkingGroupPres_April2016 .pdf
12/01/2010 Retro-Commissioning Increases Data Center Efficiency at Low- Cost
As computing capacity within a data center shifts, their managers should ensure that its support infrastructure adapts accordingly in order to realize energy savings.
PDF icon datacenter_savannah.pdf
12/01/2011 Reducing Data Center Loads for a Largescale, Low-energy Office Building: NREL’s Research Support Facility
In June 2010, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) completed construction on the new 220,000- square foot (ft2) Research Support Facility (RSF) which included a 1,900-ft2 data center (the RSF will expand to 360,000 ft2 with the opening of an
PDF icon Reducing_Data_Center_Loads.pdf
12/01/2011 Reducing Data Center Loads for a Large-Scale, Net Zero Office Building
In constructing a new research facility for its campus, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) project team identified the opportunity to design a world-class, energy-efficient data center to support its operations.
PDF icon nrel_datacenter_cs.pdf
09/01/2011 Recovery Act: Federspiel Controls (now Vigilent) and State of California Department of General Services Data Center Energy Efficient Cooling Control Demonstration
Eight State of California data centers were equipped with an intelligent energy management system to evaluate the effectiveness, energy savings, dollar savings and benefits that arise when powerful artificial intelligence-based technology measures, moni
PDF icon 1025751.pdf
08/01/2010 Recommendations for Meeting Energy Efficiency Requirements for New Federal Labratories and Data Centers
The purpose of this document is to provide recommendations for meeting the energy efficiency requirements for new federal laboratories and data centers, specifically to comply with Executive Order (E.O.) 13423 and EPACT 20051.
PDF icon Labs & Data Centers EE Recommendations 2010.pdf