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02/13/2019 Energy Efficiency in Data Centres Through Optimized Operations

Slides from the Energy Efficiency in Data Centres Through Optimized Operations presentation held in Bangalore on February 13th, 2019. 

PDF icon Green Mark -SS564 Slides for India _Schinder Electric Mr Eswar.pdf
06/01/2013 Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers: Present Trends & Future Opportunities

Influx of IT activities, growing internet population, second largest wireless network, and a renewed banking sector have all aided to the cause of data explosion and thus flaring the need for data centers.

PDF icon Indian Data Center Trends & Future Opportunities
04/01/2013 Energy Efficiency in Small Server Rooms

Final project report of Task 2.13: Energy Efficiency in Small Server Rooms in PIER project 500-10-052.

PDF icon SmallServerRooms_Final Report Task 2.13_2013.pdf
08/01/2014 Energy Efficiency in Small Server Rooms: Field Surveys and Findings

Study that investigated how IT equipment was deployed, powered, and cooled in small server rooms. Results of this research are intended improve the energy efficiency of existing server spaces, and guide the design and configuration of new server rooms.

PDF icon EE in Small Server Rooms ACEEE_2014.pdf
11/17/2013 Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Tool Kit

Presentation that identifies opportunities for energy efficiency in high performance computing applications. Author(s): Tschudi, B.

PDF icon Tschudi 11-17-2013
03/01/2012 Energy Efficiency Investigation for the Magellan Super Computer at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center

The Magellan supercomputer, located at NERSC (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center) in Oakland California, consists of an IBM iDataPlex system with 400 compute nodes.  This system is cooled with passive rear doors.

PDF icon Magellan Energy Efficiency Investigation
04/01/2012 Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Federal High Performance Computing Centers

This case study includes the results of the assessments, lessons learned, and recommended EEMs. Author(s): Mahdavi, R.

PDF icon HPCMP Case Study _Mahdavi-April 2012.pdf
01/01/2011 Energy Efficient and Lower Capital Cost — an Alternative Data Center Cooling Strategy

In the first section of this paper we review various ways of cooling with air and demonstrate that the distance of the heat generator to the cold sink plays a large part in the total cooling energy consumption.

PDF icon ASHRAE Cooling Strategy Pres_2011.pdf
03/30/2004 Energy Efficient Data Centers (Report to California Energy Commission)

Prior to this study, very little public information concerning the true electrical power requirements for California’s data centers was available. Author(s): Tschudi, B., T. Xu, D. Sartor, B. Nordman, J. Koomey, and O. Sezgen

PDF icon Energy Efficient Data Centers Report to CEC_2004.pdf
08/14/2017 Energy Exchange 2017: Better Buildings, Better Data Centers

Presentation from the August 14th, 2017 1/2 day pre-conference Energy Exchange Workshop.

PDF icon Energy Exchange Data Center Workshop 081117.pdf
01/01/2008 Energy Implications of Economizer Use in California Data Centers

In this paper, based on building energy models, we report energy savings for air-side and water-side economizer use in data centers in several climate zones in California.

PDF icon Economizer Use CA_2008pdf.pdf
03/20/2019 Energy Performance Evaluation of Aquila’s Aquarius Fixed Cold Plate Cooling System at NREL’s High Performance Computing Center

This paper gives an overview of the Aquarius fixed cold plate cooling technology and provides results from early energy performance evaluation testing.

PDF icon Aquila_NREL_white_paper_73356.pdf
ENERGY STAR Data Centers

 Data centers have emerged as the fastest-growing sector for ENERGY STAR certification, with more than a four fold increase between the number of data centers certified in 2014 and 2018. The certification recognizes that the company’s data centers rank

ENERGY STAR Data Centers
Digital Realty improves efficiency, achieves ENERGY STAR
02/02/2017 ENERGY STAR Office Equipment web page

ENERGY STAR page that includes links to purchase ENERGY STAR Certified servers, storage, UPSs, and large network equipment.

ENERGY STAR Office Equipment
06/22/2017 ENERGY STAR Page on Enterprise Servers

Overview of ENERGY STAR certified Enterprise Servers.

ENERGY STAR Page on Enterprise Servers
04/30/2015 ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

Benchmarking the energy performance of your buildings is a key first step to understanding and reducing energy consumption and your carbon footprint.

Link to Tool
10/07/2019 ENERGY STAR: Data Center Energy Efficiency Success Stories

This page, hosted on the ENERGY STAR website, contains case studies and return of investment (ROI) su

10/02/2018 ENERGY STAR® Program Requirements for Computer Servers

These Version 3.0 ENERGY STAR Specification requirements will take effect on June 17, 2019 and computer servers should be tested using SERT Version 2.0.1The Version 3.0 specification will recognize the

PDF icon ENERGY STAR Version 3.0 Computer Servers Program Requirements (1).pdf
08/21/2017 Energy-Savings Opportunities in Small Data Centers

Slides from Steve Greenberg's August 17th, 2017 presentation during FEMP's Energy Exchange Data Center Panel. 

PDF icon SmallDataCenterPresentation.Greenberg.EnergyExchange.17Aug2017.pdf
03/07/2019 Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers

Presentation made by the Cooling Sub-Working Group at the February 13th National Workshop

PDF icon 2019-02-13-Presentation.pdf
01/01/2010 ERE: A Metric for Measuring the Benefit of Reuse Energy from a Data Center

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a base data center infrastructure metric, but it does not consider these alternate uses for the waste energy.

PDF icon EREmetric_GreenGrid.pdf
10/04/2018 Establishing Metrics, Setting Goals, and Achieving High Data Center Energy Performance

This slide deck is from the 2018 Better Buildings 7x24 conference. A panel of Better Buildings partners from Digital Realty Trust, Intel, and the Lawrence Livermore, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories will share their stories and lessons learne

PDF icon 7x24 DOE Better Buildings 100418.pdf
Establishing Metrics, Setting Goals, and Achieving High Data Center Energy Performance
04/27/2015 ESTCP Project: Liquid Immersion Cooling of Electronics

Project description that explains the potential of liquid immersion cooling in high performance computing (HPC) and highlights a demonstration of the technology at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington, DC.

Author(s): Coles, H.C.

PDF icon ImmersionCooling_ESTCP_2015.pdf
07/10/2010 Estimating the Energy Use and Efficiency Potential of U.S. Data Centers

Paper that presents a bottom-up model that can be used to estimate total data center electricity demand within a region as well as the potential electricity savings associated with energy efficiency improvements.

PDF icon US Data Center Energy Use & Savings Potential
12/01/2005 Estimating Total Power Used By Data Centers in California

This study estimates total power use for such facilities, focusing mainly on California. We begin by summarizing what is known about total floor area for these facilities, and then analyzing the power densities associated with this floor area.

PDF icon Total CA Power DCs_2005.pdf