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12/12/2013 Consortium for Energy Efficiency Thermal Energy Management

To address research challenges of the intermediate and long term nature associated with thermal and energy management of electronics, the Consortium for Energy Efficient Thermal Management (CEETHERM) was initiated in 2002.

12/12/2013 Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office

Manufacturers use our resources to reduce energy costs and chart a path to continuous improvement in energy efficiency and performance.

DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office
12/12/2013 The Green Grid website

The Green Grid Association is a 501(c)6 non-profit, open industry consortium of end users, policy makers, technology providers, facility architects, and utility companies that works to improve the resource efficiency of information technology and

The Green Grid
12/01/2013 Guideline for Water and Energy Considerations During Federal Data Center Consolidations

Consolidation presents data center owners with opportunities to employ industry energy efficiency best practices to lower both capital and operating costs, while ensuring sustainability through reduced energy and water use.

PDF icon Consolidation Guidelines_2013.pdf
11/17/2013 Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Tool Kit

Presentation that identifies opportunities for energy efficiency in high performance computing applications. Author(s): Tschudi, B.

PDF icon Tschudi 11-17-2013
11/12/2013 The Other Half of the Problem – Server Closets and Small Server Rooms (Rev. 2013)

Presentation that summarizes a study on small server rooms conducted by LBNL in collaboration with Stanford and NRDC. The study characterized the power, cooling, and IT equipment in these spaces, and identified opportunities for improved efficiency.

PDF icon LBNL Server Closet
10/01/2013 LBNL - ASETEK - Direct Liquid Cooling Demonstration

Presentation that details an evaluation of direct liquid cooled server technology developed by ASETEK and tested in a Data Center at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Author(s): Coles, H.C.

PDF icon HColes - 10-2013
09/05/2013 Best Practices for Data Center Energy Efficiency - New Delhi, India 2013

Presentation from the Best Practices for Data Center Energy Efficiency workshop, hosted by Data Center Dynamics. Author(s): Sartor, D.

PDF icon Sartor 9-5-2013
09/01/2013 Variable-Speed Fan Retrofits for Computer-Room Air Conditioners

This case study documents three retrofits to existing constant-speed fans in computer-room air conditioners (CRACs), all located in California: first, a forty year-old, 6,000 ft2 data center located at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laborator

PDF icon Variable Speed Fan CRAC Retrofit Case Study
09/01/2013 Saving Energy in Data Centers: Low Cost Energy Efficiency Measures Case Studies

Presentation with the following objectives:

PDF icon LBNL Data Center low cost EEMs Presentation I2SL 2013 -Mahdavi.pdf
08/21/2013 Saving Energy in Data Centers: Applying Best Practices - Hyderabad, India 2013

Presentation from the CII Data Center Workshop in Hyderabad, India. Author(s): Sartor, D.

PDF icon Sartor 8-21-2013
07/04/2013 Best Practices for Data Center Energy Efficiency - Hong Kong 2013

Presentation from the Best Practices for Data Center Energy Efficiency workshop, hosted by Data Center Dynamics in Hong Kong. Author(s): Sartor, D.

PDF icon Sartor- 7-4-2013
07/01/2013 InterPACK 2013 - The Future of Data Center Infrastructure

Presentation from InterPACK 2013 on The Future of Data Center Infrastructure. Author(s): Coles, H.C.

PDF icon Coles - InterPACK 2013
06/25/2013 Best Practices for Data Center Energy Efficiency - Chengdu, China 2013

Presentation on Best Practices for Data Center Energy Efficiency given at Data Center Dynamics in Chengdu, China. Author(s): Sartor, D.

PDF icon Sartor - 6-25-2013
06/01/2013 Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers: Present Trends & Future Opportunities

Influx of IT activities, growing internet population, second largest wireless network, and a renewed banking sector have all aided to the cause of data explosion and thus flaring the need for data centers.

PDF icon Indian Data Center Trends & Future Opportunities
06/01/2013 The Energy Efficiency Potential of Cloud-Based Software: A U.S. Case Study

The energy use of data centers is a topic that has received much attention, given that data centers currently account for 1-2% of global electricity use.

PDF icon US Cloud Potential
05/01/2013 Guide to Minimizing Compressor-based Cooling in Data Centers

Best practice guide part of a series created by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), a program of the U.S. Department of Energy.

PDF icon Guide to Minimizing Compressor-based Cooling in Data Centers
04/01/2013 Energy Efficiency in Small Server Rooms

Final project report of Task 2.13: Energy Efficiency in Small Server Rooms in PIER project 500-10-052.

PDF icon SmallServerRooms_Final Report Task 2.13_2013.pdf
04/01/2013 PIER Final Report: Energy Efficiency in Server Rooms

A report on a final PIER project that investigated how IT equipment was deployed, powered, and cooled in small server rooms, and developed strategies to improve energy efficiency.

PDF icon SmallServerRooms_Final Report.pdf
01/01/2013 380 Vdc Architectures for the Modern Data Center

This paper presents an overview of the case for the application of 380 Vdc as a vehicle for optimization and simplification of the critical electrical system in the modern data center.

PDF icon Architecture for the Modern Data Center
12/07/2012 The Energy Efficiency of the Jaguar Supercomputer

The growing energy cost has become a major concern for data centers. The metric, Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), has been very successful in driving the energy efficiency of data centers. PUE is not perfect, however.

PDF icon Jaguar Supercomputer
11/01/2012 Demonstration of Intelligent Control and Fan Improvements in Computer Room Air Handlers

Computer room air handlers (CRAHs) at a Digital Realty Trust data center were retrofitted with improved efficiency fans and controlled by a central control system provided by Vigilent.  The resulting efficiency improvements were analyzed in this report.

PDF icon CRAH Intelligent Control
10/26/2012 Data Center Energy Efficiency Measurement Assessment Kit Guide and Specification (Archived)

A portable and temporary wireless mesh assessment kit can be used to speed up and reduce the costs of a data center energy use assessment and overcome the issues with respect to shutdowns.

PDF icon Datacenter Assessment Guide
10/24/2012 The Other Half of the Problem – Server Closets and Small Server Rooms

Presentation given at the SVLG Data Center Summit. Author(s): Tschudi, B.

PDF icon Tschudi 10-24-2012
10/24/2012 Data Center Modeling Demonstration

Presentation on the use of Romonet Software to analyze data center retrofit options for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Author(s): Bailey, A.M. and A. Ashbaugh

PDF icon Data Center Energy Efficiency Projects - SVLG Presentation.pdf