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Date Title Files and Links
06/28/2017 Air Management in Small Data Centers (PG&E)

This report focuses on improving air management in small data centers (<5,000 square feet) due to the great potential for energy savings.

PDF icon Air Management in Small Data Centers.pdf
06/26/2017 Improving Energy Efficiency for Server Rooms & Closets

A guide outlining effective methods to increase energy efficiency- ranging from low to high cost.

PDF icon Improving Energy Efficiency for Server Rooms and Closets.pdf
04/30/2015 Free-Cooling Calculator

Based on environmental factors, and variables related to datacenter cooling infrastructure and IT energy use, this tool calculates potential savings attributable to the use of free cooling. From Green Grid.

Link to Tool
04/23/2015 ETCC: Data Center Air Management Research

Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council (ETCC) material on data center air management. Several common air management measures were included in the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling to explore the energy-saving potentials.

Link to Data Center Air Management Research
04/03/2015 Combination Corrosion Coupon Testing Needed for Today's Control Equipment

Studies of both laboratory and field data collected by Purafil, Inc. has shown that using copper corrosion alone as a gauge for equipment reliability can seriously understate the corrosive potential of the local environment.

PDF icon Combination Corrosion Coupon Testing Needed for Today's Control Equipment.pdf
02/25/2015 Applying Best Practices to Meet the Challenge: Participation in the DOE Better Buildings Challenge

Presentation on the DOE Better Buildings Challenge given at the Technology Covergence Conference Santa Clara. Author(s): Sartor, D.

PDF icon TCC 2015 Sartor Presentation021015.pdf
02/25/2015 Best Practices for Data Center Energy Efficiency Seminar, Santa Clara 2015

Presentation from seminar organized by Dale Sartor and hosted by the Technology Convergence Conference Santa Clara. Topics covered:

PDF icon Sartor TCC Data CenterSeminar Feb 2015.pdf
12/01/2014 Datacenter Air Management Tool Engineering Reference PDF icon DOE AM Tool--Eng Reference v1.18 (11-24-2014).pdf
12/01/2014 Datacenter Air Management Tool Data Collection Guide PDF icon DOE AM Tool--Data Collection Guide v1.18 (11-24-2014).pdf
11/24/2014 Datacenter Air Management Tool User Manual PDF icon DOE AM Tool--User's Manual v1.18 (11-24-2014).pdf
07/01/2014 Liquid Cooling v. Air Cooling Evaluation in the Maui High Performance Computing Center

This paper describes the efficiency characteristics of a water cooled information technology (IT) system applied in a retrofit project at the Maui High Performance Computing Center (MHPCC) data center.

PDF icon MHPCC White Paper _Mahdavi-July 2014.pdf
06/01/2014 Demonstration of Rack-Mounted Computer Equipment Cooling Solutions

Eleven cooling systems for rack mounted computer equipment were evaluated and compared for their cooling effectiveness and their energy use.

PDF icon Demo Rack Mounted_2014.pdf
03/01/2014 MHPCC Data Center Energy Efficiency Measures: Impact of Higher Air Intake Temperatures

Presentation of the MHPCC case study, focusing on the impact of higher air intake temperatures. Author(s): Mahdavi, R.

PDF icon Mahdavi - Impact of Higher Intake Temperatures
09/01/2013 Variable-Speed Fan Retrofits for Computer-Room Air Conditioners

This case study documents three retrofits to existing constant-speed fans in computer-room air conditioners (CRACs), all located in California: first, a forty year-old, 6,000 ft2 data center located at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laborator

PDF icon Variable Speed Fan CRAC Retrofit Case Study
05/01/2013 Guide to Minimizing Compressor-based Cooling in Data Centers

Best practice guide part of a series created by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), a program of the U.S. Department of Energy.

PDF icon Guide to Minimizing Compressor-based Cooling in Data Centers
11/01/2012 Demonstration of Intelligent Control and Fan Improvements in Computer Room Air Handlers

Computer room air handlers (CRAHs) at a Digital Realty Trust data center were retrofitted with improved efficiency fans and controlled by a central control system provided by Vigilent.  The resulting efficiency improvements were analyzed in this report.

PDF icon CRAH Intelligent Control
10/26/2012 Data Center Energy Efficiency Measurement Assessment Kit Guide and Specification (Archived)

A portable and temporary wireless mesh assessment kit can be used to speed up and reduce the costs of a data center energy use assessment and overcome the issues with respect to shutdowns.

PDF icon Datacenter Assessment Guide
10/01/2012 Demonstrating a Dual Heat Exchanger Rack Cooler “Tower” Water for IT Cooling

Presentation on a prototype computer equipment rack-level cooling device from APC Schneider Electric with two heat exchangers was demonstrated at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to illustrate an energy efficient cooling capability. Oct. 2012

PDF icon Tower Water for IT Cooling
03/22/2012 Modular Data Centers

Presentation on modular data centers and results of a corrosivity study.

Author(s): Coles, H.C.

PDF icon Modular Data Centers - Coles
01/01/2012 Data Center Efficiency and IT Equipment Reliability At Wider Operating Temperatures and Humidity Ranges

Paper concludes that many data centers can realize overall operational cost savings by leveraging looser environmental controls within the wider range of supported temperature and humidity limits as established by equipment manufacturers.

PDF icon Impact of Wider Temperature & Humidity Ranges
01/01/2012 Updated Air-Side Free Cooling Maps: The Impact of ASHRAE 2011 Allowable Ranges

In May 2011, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) published updated guidelines for the “Recommended” and “Allowable” temperature and humidity of data centers.

PDF icon Impact of Updated ASHRAE Ranges
09/01/2011 Recovery Act: Federspiel Controls (now Vigilent) and State of California Department of General Services Data Center Energy Efficient Cooling Control Demonstration

Eight State of California data centers were equipped with an intelligent energy management system to evaluate the effectiveness, energy savings, dollar savings and benefits that arise when powerful artificial intelligence-based technology measures, moni

PDF icon Data Center Energy Efficient Cooling Control Demonstration
07/09/2011 Corrosion Coupons May Not Be Useful for Predicting Data Center Equipment Failure Rates (Presentation)

Presentation at the Indoor Air Conference June 2011: Corrosion Coupons May Not Be Useful for Predicting Data Center Equipment Failure Rates

Author(s): Han, T., H.C. Coles, P.N. Price, A.Gadgil, and B.Tschudi

PDF icon DC Air Corrosion - Coles
06/27/2011 Recommendation to ASHRAE TC 9.9 - Liquid Cooling GuidelinesHPC Compressorless Liquid Cooling Building Supplied Cooling Water Guideline

Presentation to ASHRAE TC 9.9 from HPC Working Group including LBNL that contains the technical basis for liquid cooling temperture guidelines.

PDF icon Recommendations to ASHRAE TC 9.9
06/27/2011 The Effect of Data Centre Environment on IT Reliability & Energy Consumption

Presentation from Green Grid covering the following:

PDF icon The Effect of DC Environment on Reliability