Webinar: Barriers to Data Center Energy Efficiency: The Role of Organizational Behavior, Psychology, and Economics

(Held September 2nd, 2021).

As our country increasingly relies on information technology (IT), our data centers (DCs) will need to increase their energy efficiency to stabilize their energy consumption. This webinar focuses on the non-technology barriers to energy efficiency investments and practices in data centers that are often overlooked. We look beyond technology options that are available to data center owners and managers, and we consider the organizational, psychological, and economic drivers. This webinar will provide a clear decision-making framework to data center owners and operators and will highlight some challenges that currently exist. After identifying the barriers and explaining how they work within the larger framework, we will present some preliminary solutions for overcoming these challenges. We will also cover often overlooked small and medium data centers, which have their own distinct set of barriers and solutions. Specifically, the training provides:

  • 1) A framework to think about data center EE decision-making
  • 2) Non-technology barriers to EE that are often overlooked
  • 3) Proposed solutions for overcoming those barriers

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