Webinar: Computer Server Selection Guidelines for Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization in Data Centers

This webinar and report provide guidelines for selecting air-cooled computer servers to facilitate energy efficiency and decarbonization in data centers. The objective is to help data center operators to operate more energy efficiently by purchasing computer servers that meet energy performance criteria developed by ASHRAE, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and others.

A data center houses computer servers, storage, and networking equipment as well as critical support infrastructure such as cooling and electrical systems. These facilities are critical to the mission of many types of organizations, and data center operators are challenged to deliver reliable services, operate efficiently, and ensure resiliency and flexibility. The selection of computer servers can have a profound impact on overall energy efficiency and decarbonization in data centers. This webinar focuses on air-cooled computer server selection guidelines. Air-cooled computer servers generally use more energy than all other information technology (IT) equipment combined.

Specifically, this webinar addresses the selection of air-cooled servers and provides:

  • Context of energy efficiency and decarbonization in data centers
  • Review of the latest ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines, Energy Star for Computer Servers, EPEAT, and Standard NSF/ANSI 426-2019
  • Description of federal requirements
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