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09/01/2014 Monitoring Kit for Data Centers

Presentation showcasing a monitoring kit for data centers with the following learning objectives:

PDF icon Assessment kit presentation -Mahdavi I2SL 2014.pdf
01/01/2002 National and regional implications of internet data center growth in the US

Combining estimates of US computer room floor space for hosting facilities with total computer room power density, we found that these US data centers in the aggregate required less than 500 MW of power in 2000, and used only about 0.12% of the electric

PDF icon National_regional DC Growth_2002.pdf
National Workshops

Summary of National Workshops

09/01/2012 New Energy Efficient Data Center Programming Guide

This guide addresses the energy issues a data center owner must consider for building an energy efficient data center.

PDF icon LBNL DC Energy Programming Guide 09_01_12-2.pdf
05/01/2010 NSIDC Data Center: Energy Reduction Strategies

The Green Data Center Project was a successful effort to significantly reduce the energy use of the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

PDF icon NSIDCAirside Economization and Unique Indirect Evaporative Cooling
04/15/2015 Oil Immersion Cooling: Case Studies of Two Oil and Gas Data Centers

Presentation was given at the data center workshop hosted by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and PG&E at NetApp in Sunnyvale, CA.

Author(s): Varma, D.

PDF icon GRC case study SVLG_2015pdf.pdf
06/22/2018 Open Specification for a Liquid Cooled Server Rack Featured

This document is a progress update on the development of an open specification for a liquid cooled server rack. The initiative to develop an open specification for liquid cooling is part of a larger initiative to harmonize international open standards i

PDF icon OpenSpecification.pdf
03/01/2009 Opportunities for Combined Heat and Power in Data Centers

Report analyzes the opportunities for CHP technologies to assist primary power in making the data center more cost-effective and energy efficient.

PDF icon Opportunities for Combined Heat & Power in Data Centers
12/27/2013 Pacific Gas and Electric Company Small Data Center Market Study

Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) tasked Cadmus to provide insight into the energy-efficiency opportunity in small data centers in its service territory, particularly focusing on small and medium business (SMB) customers.

PDF icon PGE_SmallDCs2013.pdf
10/01/2007 Particle concentrations in data centers

Study presents the first published measurements of particle concentrations in operating data centers. Indoor and outdoor particle measurements were taken at eight different sites in northern California for particulate matter 0.3–5.0 mm in diameter.

PDF icon Partical concentations data centers_2007.pdf
04/15/2015 PG&E Emerging Technology Case Study: Submersion Cooling for Data Centers

Presentation given at the data center workshop hosted by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and PG&E at NetApp in Sunnyvale, CA. 

Author(s): Fok, S.

PDF icon PG&E Emerging Tech Case Study_ SVLG 2015.pdf
05/02/2012 PG&E/FEMP Data Center Efficiency Workshop - San Francisco, CA 2012

Presentation from the PG&E/FEMP Data Center Efficiency Workshop PG&E/FEMP Data Center Efficiency Workshop in San Francisco.

Author(s): Sartor, D.

PDF icon Sartor - 5-2-2012
04/01/2013 PIER Final Report: Energy Efficiency in Server Rooms

A report on a final PIER project that investigated how IT equipment was deployed, powered, and cooled in small server rooms, and developed strategies to improve energy efficiency.

PDF icon SmallServerRooms_Final Report.pdf
11/10/2016 Practical Considerations for Metering and Power Usage Effectiveness

Slides presented by Dale Sartor to the Better Buildings Data Center Partners on November 2, 2016.

PDF icon Metering_PUE_Sartor112016.pdf
11/13/2018 Practical Considerations for Metering Data Centers

Slides from Dale Sartor's presentation on metering in data centers at Energy Exchange 2018. 

PDF icon Sartor EE18_Metering Presentation052018.pdf
Practical Considerations for Metering Data Centers
04/18/2018 Presentation Slides: Air Management Webinar

Slides from Magnus Herrlin's April 12th, 2018 webinar on Air Management. In this webinar, participants will:

  • Learn basic Air Management "Best Practices"
  • Detect Common Problems
  • Correct Common Problems


PDF icon Air Management Webinar.pdf
Presentation Slides: Air Management Webinar
09/17/2012 Presentation: Best Practices for Data Center Energy Efficiency - Shanghai, China 2012

Presentation given at the Best Practices for Data Center Energy Efficiency workshop, hosted by Data Center Dynamics in Shanghai, China. 

Author(s): Sartor, D.

PDF icon Sartor - 9-17-2012
02/22/2018 Presentation: Big Results in Small Places Exploring the Untapped Energy Efficiency Potential of Small Data Centers

Webinar slides from Better Buildings' Small Data Center Webinar, held on January 9th, 2018.


PDF icon Big_Results_Small_Places-webinar slides.pdf
11/01/2017 Presentation: Environmental Conditions for Data Centers

Slides from the November 2017 presentation on Environmental Conditions for Data Centers from Steve Greenberg of LBNL.

PDF icon DCOI LBNL Env Conditions webinar 110117.pdf
09/14/2017 Presentation: Federal Utility Partnership for Data Centers

Presentation slides from a September 14th, 2017 webinar. The webinar provided an overview of the Center of Expertise for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers' resources available to utilities and outline a strategy for U.S.

PDF icon Utility Partnerships Webinar Slides Sept-13-17.pdf
06/26/2018 Presentation: Harmonization of Open Standards

Slides from Dale Sartor's presentation at the Data Center Dynamics Conference in San Francisco in June, 2018. The presentation covers the working group effort to develop a liquid cooled rack specification. 

File Webscale2018Presentation.pptx
08/21/2017 Presentation: Practical Considerations for Metering and Power Usage Effectiveness

Slides from Dale Sartor's August 17, 2017 presentation on metering and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) while participating in FEMP's Energy Exchange Data Center Panel.

PDF icon Sartor Metering and PUE EExchange.pdf
09/10/2015 PUE Estimator - Full List of Questions

List of questions in the PUE Estimator tool, V1. Document can be printed to gather the required information offline. 

File PUE Estimator Questions Checklist_09102015.docx
06/26/2016 PUE Estimator User's Manual

User's manual for the PUE Estimator, V1. The tool quickly provides an estimate of a data center’s current Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and energy use distribution.

PDF icon PUEEstimatorManual_06022016.pdf
03/03/2014 PUE: A Comprehensive Examination of the Metric Featured

Document that allows executives to gain a high level of understanding of the concepts surrounding PUE, while providing in-depth application knowledge and resources to those implementing and reporting data center metrics.

PDF icon The Green Grid - Examination of PUE