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09/24/2010 Cisco Energy Management: A Case Study in Implementing Energy as a Service
Case study that provides insight into how a Cisco lab organization solved capacity challenges using innovative network-based tools and reduced total energy costs by 33 percent, functional elements of IP-enabled energy management, and how Cisco Services
PDF icon CiscoEMSWhitePaper_2010.pdf
10/28/2019 CoE DCOI Fact Sheet
In June 2019, The Office of Management & Budget (OMB) released updated guidance on the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI). OMB Memorandum M-19-19 rescinds and replaces OMB Memorandum M-16-19.
PDF icon LBNL CoE DCOI Fact Sheet_1-30.pdf
05/07/2019 CoE Fact Sheet
 This fact sheet on FEMP's Center of Expertise (CoE) for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers to reviews purpose of the program, popular tools and resources, training opportunities, and more.
PDF icon CoE_Fact_Sheet.pdf
09/03/2019 Collecting, Monitoring, and Analyzing Facility and Systems Data at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
As high-performance computing (HPC) resources continue to grow in size and complexity, so too does the volume and velocity of the operational data that is associated with them.
PDF icon camera ready version - paper7.pdf
04/03/2015 Combination Corrosion Coupon Testing Needed for Today's Control Equipment
Studies of both laboratory and field data collected by Purafil, Inc. has shown that using copper corrosion alone as a gauge for equipment reliability can seriously understate the corrosive potential of the local environment.
PDF icon Combination Corrosion Coupon Testing Needed for Today's Control Equipment.pdf
11/01/2014 Comparing Server Energy Use and Efficiency Using Small Sample Sizes
This report documents a demonstration that compared the energy consumption and efficiency of a limited sample size of server-­‐‑type IT equipment from different manufacturers by measuring power at the server power supply power cords.
PDF icon comparing_server_energy_use_and_efficiency_using_small_sample_sizes_-_final-hc_0.pdf
02/04/2015 Considerations of Non-Conventional Liquid Cooling Immersion Technologies
Presentation with the following learning objectives:
PDF icon Patterson_LiqCool_ASHRAE_Chicago.pdf
06/01/2007 Consortium for Energy Efficiency Data Centers and Servers Initiative
The CEE Data Centers and Servers Initiative serves to identify activities that will help program administrators better understand the complexity related to the design and maintenance of these types of loads.

Data Centers and Servers Initiative
12/12/2013 Consortium for Energy Efficiency Thermal Energy Management
To address research challenges of the intermediate and long term nature associated with thermal and energy management of electronics, the Consortium for Energy Efficient Thermal Management (CEETHERM) was initiated in 2002.

12/10/2003 Consumptive Water Use for U.S. Power Production
Evaporative cooling systems in buildings have been criticized for their water use and acclaimed for their low energy consumption, especially when compared to typical cooling systems.
PDF icon Consumptive Water Use for U.S. Power Production.pdf
02/22/2021 Contracting for Efficiency: A Best Practices Guide for Energy-Efficient Product Procurement
Contracting for Efficiency: A Best Practices Guide for Energy-Efficient Product Procurement, provides guidance to agencies with regard t

09/01/2009 Control of Computer Room Air Conditioning Using IT Equipment Sensors
The goal of this demonstration was to show how sensors in IT equipment could be accessed and used to directly control computer room air conditioning.
PDF icon lbnl-3137e.pdf
04/15/2015 Cool IT Systems Case Studies
Presentation given at the data center workshop hosted by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and PG&E at NetApp in Sunnyvale, CA.  Author(s): Lyon, G.
PDF icon CoolIT case studies_SVLG 2015.pdf
05/27/2021 Cooling Data Centers with Warm Water
Presentation from 5/27/2021 on cooling data centers with warm water.
PDF icon Sartor IEEE Madison 052621 (1).pdf
07/23/2021 Cooling Performance Testing of Attaway's Negative Pressure CDU
Attaway is a recently installed High-Performance Computing (HPC) machine at Sandia National Labs that is 70% water-cooled and 30% air-cooled.
PDF icon 206888r.pdf
PDF icon Sandia HPC Liquid Cooling_Case Study_NREL_July 2021.pdf
06/01/2011 Corrosion coupons may not be useful for predicting data center equipment failure rates
Paper presented at the Indoor Air Conference June 2011: Corrosion Coupons May Not Be Useful for Predicting Data Center Equipment Failure Rates Author(s): Coles, H.C., P.N. Price, T. Han, A. Gadgil, and B. Tschudi
PDF icon Corrosion-Indoor-Air-2011-997v3.pdf
07/09/2011 Corrosion Coupons May Not Be Useful for Predicting Data Center Equipment Failure Rates (Presentation)
Presentation at the Indoor Air Conference June 2011: Corrosion Coupons May Not Be Useful for Predicting Data Center Equipment Failure Rates Author(s): Han, T., H.C. Coles, P.N. Price, A.Gadgil, and B.Tschudi
PDF icon Indoor-Air-997-Henry Coles-v3.pdf
12/01/2014 Cray Hybrid XC30 Installation - Facilities Level Overview
This paper focuses on the site preparation and integration of the Cray Hybrid XC30 into a state of the art HPC data center from a facilities point of view. Author(s): McMurtrie, C., L. Gilly, and T. Belotti
PDF icon CSCS Descrizione Colin Piz Daint.pdf
10/01/2020 Creating a Data Center Efficiency Plan
This white paper demonstrates how to create a data center energy efficiency plan by outlining the required steps, overcoming common challenges, looking at what information is important and relevant in determining savings, and what factors to consider wh
PDF icon FRE-Data-Center-Efficiency-Planning-Whitepaper.pdf
06/27/2017 Data Center Air Management Estimator
The Data Center Air Management Estimator is a simplified version of the Air Management Tool that uses the same engine. The input options in this tool have been reduced in favor of increased clarity.   
Office spreadsheet icon AM Estimator Version 1-0_0.xls
12/01/2006 Data Center Air Management Report
The purpose of this study is to demonstrate to data center designers and operators the operational and energy benefits of thoughtful and efficient data center air management techniques.
PDF icon DC AIr Management Report_2006.pdf
09/22/2010 Data Center Air Management Research
By applying a more rigorous methodology, this research focuses on how air management can be improved to save energy without negatively affecting the thermal IT-equipment environment and, in turn, the IT-equipment reliability.
PDF icon AirManagement_Herrlin2010.pdf
06/30/2021 Data Center Air Management Tool
The Data Center Air Management Tool (v.2) was developed to accelerate energy savings in data centers without affecting the thermal IT equipment environment by assessing the data center air-management status. 
Office spreadsheet icon AM Tool v2 (6-30-21) Distribution.xls
Air Management Tool User Guide
Air Management Tool Data Collection Guide
Air Management Tool Engineering Reference Manual
09/01/2010 Data Center Airflow Management Retrofit
As data center energy densities, measured in power-use per square foot, increase, energy savings for cooling can be realized by optimizing airflow pathways within the data center.
PDF icon airflow-doe-femp.pdf
11/13/2008 Data Center Assessments to Identify Efficiency Opportunities Presentation
Presentation that outlines a number of tools and strategies to aid practitioners in reducing energy consumption in datacenters. Author(s): Tschudi, B.
PDF icon webcast_2008-1113_data_centers.pdf