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04/27/2015 ESTCP Project: Liquid Immersion Cooling of Electronics

Project description that explains the potential of liquid immersion cooling in high performance computing (HPC) and highlights a demonstration of the technology at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington, DC.

Author(s): Coles, H.C.

PDF icon ImmersionCooling_ESTCP_2015.pdf
12/01/2014 Cray Hybrid XC30 Installation - Facilities Level Overview

This paper focuses on the site preparation and integration of the Cray Hybrid XC30 into a state of the art HPC data center from a facilities point of view.

Author(s): McMurtrie, C., L. Gilly, and T. Belotti

PDF icon CSCS Descrizione Colin Piz Daint.pdf
11/17/2013 Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Tool Kit

Presentation that identifies opportunities for energy efficiency in high performance computing applications. Author(s): Tschudi, B.

PDF icon Tschudi 11-17-2013
12/07/2012 The Energy Efficiency of the Jaguar Supercomputer

The growing energy cost has become a major concern for data centers. The metric, Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), has been very successful in driving the energy efficiency of data centers. PUE is not perfect, however.

PDF icon Jaguar Supercomputer
04/01/2012 Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Federal High Performance Computing Centers

This case study includes the results of the assessments, lessons learned, and recommended EEMs. Author(s): Mahdavi, R.

PDF icon HPCMP Case Study _Mahdavi-April 2012.pdf
03/01/2012 Energy Efficiency Investigation for the Magellan Super Computer at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center

The Magellan supercomputer, located at NERSC (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center) in Oakland California, consists of an IBM iDataPlex system with 400 compute nodes.  This system is cooled with passive rear doors.

PDF icon Magellan Energy Efficiency Investigation
01/01/2012 A Power-Management Methodology for Large-Scale, High-Performance Computing (DRAFT)

This paper describes a methodology that has been developed collaboratively through the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group to support architectural analysis and comparative measurements for rankings, such as the Top500 and Green500.

PDF icon ICPE Paper Dec 31.pdf
11/01/2011 "Hot for Warm Cooling (presentation)

Presentation that discusses highly efficient cooling achieved by utilizing high temperature fluids delivered to the inlet of IT equipment; from the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group presentation at SC-11.

PDF icon SC11Hotwaterplusliquidsolutions.pdf
06/27/2011 Recommendation to ASHRAE TC 9.9 - Liquid Cooling GuidelinesHPC Compressorless Liquid Cooling Building Supplied Cooling Water Guideline

Presentation to ASHRAE TC 9.9 from HPC Working Group including LBNL that contains the technical basis for liquid cooling temperture guidelines.

PDF icon Recommendations to ASHRAE TC 9.9
01/01/2011 TUE, a new energy-efficiency metric applied at ORNL's Jaguar

This paper proposes two new metrics: ITUE (IT-power usage effectiveness), similar to PUE but “inside” the IT and TUE (total-power usage effectiveness), which combines the two for a total effi-ciency picture.

PDF icon TUE Metric
09/01/2010 High Performance Computing Data Center Metering Protocol

This report is part of the DOE effort to develop methods for measurement in High Performance Computing (HPC) data center facilities and document system strategies that have been used in DOE data centers to increase data center energy efficiency.

PDF icon High Performance Computing Data Center Metering Protocol
06/05/2009 High Performance Computing with High Efficiency

Presentation on the computational facility designed for the University of California in Berkeley, CA that was designed to accommodate either air or liquid cooling. 

Author(s): Tschudi, B., S. Greenberg and A. Khann

PDF icon Berkeley CRT - Tschudi, Greenberg 2009
01/01/2009 High Performance Computing with High Efficiency

A new computational facility under design for the University of California in Berkeley, CA is such a center that is being designed to accommodate either air or liquid cooling. This paper describes the unique design features of this center whose goals in

PDF icon High Performance Computer with High Efficiency
01/01/2008 SuperComputers: Super Polluters?

As supercomputing moves into the petaflop era (1015 flops, or FLoating point Operations Per Second), improved energy efficiency and renewable energy sources provide the key to increasing computing power without exacting and undue cost on the environment

PDF icon Super Computing_Data Center Journal.pdf