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National Workshops

Summary of National Workshops

ENERGY STAR Data Centers


ENERGY STAR Data Centers
Digital Realty improves efficiency, achieves ENERGY STAR
07/26/2001 Data center power requirements: measurements from Silicon Valley

Current estimates of data center power requirements are greatly overstated because they are based on criteria that incorporate oversized, redundant systems, and several safety factors.

PDF icon Data Center Power Requirements_2001.pdf
01/01/2002 Roadmap for Public Interest Research for High-Performance Data Centers

The roadmap development identified many areas where significant efficiency gains could be achieved through adoption of current best practices, better application of existing technology, and research into new technological solutions.

PDF icon Datacenter RD & D Roadmap
01/01/2002 National and regional implications of internet data center growth in the US

Combining estimates of US computer room floor space for hosting facilities with total computer room power density, we found that these US data centers in the aggregate required less than 500 MW of power in 2000, and used only about 0.12% of the electric

PDF icon National_regional DC Growth_2002.pdf
10/01/2002 Label for UPS Systems

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) commissioned the project „Parameteridentifikation und Messverfahren für USV-Anlagen“ [1] and created a basis for comparing UPS systems.

PDF icon Swiss_Energy_Office_Label_2002.pdf
02/01/2003 Design Recommendations for High-Performance Data Centers

Report from a whole-system design charrette organized by the Rocky Mountain Institute to challenge the current model for data centers and develop a groundbreaking data center design—a clean-sheet model with no compromises.

PDF icon HPDC Charrette_2003.pdf
08/01/2003 Data Centers and Energy Use – Let’s Look at the Data

The information presented can be used by data center owners, operators, and designers to understand current performance, to set design and operational criteria for new projects, to identify current best practices in design and operation, and to improve

PDF icon DC Look at Data_ACEEE 2003.pdf
09/26/2003 Energy Benchmarking: What is Your Building's Energy IQ?

Presentation that answers the question- what is energy benchmarking anyway? As well as techniques, complications, applications, and tools. Author(s): Mills, E.

Energy Benchmarking: What is Your Building's Energy IQ?
03/02/2004 Data center power use: a review of the historical data

Presentation from the IBM Austin Conference on Energy-Efficient Design Austin, TX. Author(s): Koomey, J.

PDF icon Data Center Power Use_2004.pdf
03/30/2004 Energy Efficient Data Centers (Report to California Energy Commission)

Prior to this study, very little public information concerning the true electrical power requirements for California’s data centers was available. Author(s): Tschudi, B., T. Xu, D. Sartor, B. Nordman, J. Koomey, and O. Sezgen

PDF icon Energy Efficient Data Centers Report to CEC_2004.pdf
06/07/2004 Guidelines for Field Data Collection to Benchmark Data Center UPS Efficiency

The purpose of this procedure is to provide instructions/guidelines for reporting the efficiency of UPS systems that are installed in data centers.

PDF icon UPS_Field_Data_2004.pdf
06/21/2004 Server Power Supply Loading Guideline

Presentation on the Server Power Supply Loading Guideline. The purposes of this Guideline is to ensure that the loading for each DC bus for a multi output server power supply is consistent when measuring power supply efficiency and to allow consistency

PDF icon ServerPowerSupply_2004.pdf
12/01/2004 Data Centers Revisited: Assessment of the Energy Impact of Retrofits and Technology Trends in a High-Density Computing Facility

This paper updates one of the first studies to document the electricity consumption and power distribution within an Internet data center.

PDF icon DC Revisited_Assessment_2004.pdf
04/17/2005 Calculating Energy Savings Using High Efficiency Power Conversion (UPS, AC-DC & DC-DC Power Supply) in Server Applications (Tool)

This Excel-based calculator provides a first-order estimate of the magnitude of the energy savings based on improving the efficiency of any one or more of the elements (UPS, AC-DC and DC-DC power supply) involved in powering a rack of servers

Office spreadsheet icon UPS_Energy Savings Calculator.xls
12/01/2005 High Performance Buildings: Data Centers Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

The goals for this project included a complete analysis of distribution of UPS design efficiencies, which included the development of a UPS test protocol, and the broad circulation of efficiency findings to the industry through the CEC PIER program, Law

PDF icon UPS_Report_2005.pdf
12/01/2005 High Performance Buildings: Data Centers Server Power Supplies

The goals for this project include an analysis of power supply efficiencies, which included the development of an accepted test protocol for server power supplies, lab and field testing of a broad range of server power supplies and documenting the resul

PDF icon Server Power Supplies_2005.pdf
12/01/2005 Estimating Total Power Used By Data Centers in California

This study estimates total power use for such facilities, focusing mainly on California. We begin by summarizing what is known about total floor area for these facilities, and then analyzing the power densities associated with this floor area.

PDF icon Total CA Power DCs_2005.pdf
01/01/2006 High Performance Data Centers: A Design Guidelines Sourcebook

Based upon benchmark measurements of operating data centers and input from practicing designers and operators, the Design Guidelines are intended to provide a set of efficient baseline design approaches for data center systems.

PDF icon DCdesignPGE2006.pdf
03/01/2006 Measuring and Managing Data Center Energy Use

This article summarizes best practices developed from an extensive study of energy use in 22 data centers. Author(s): Tschudi, B., E. Mills, S. Greenberg, P. Rumsey

PDF icon Measure_Manage Data Centers_2006.pdf
05/01/2006 Self Benchmarking Guide for Data Center Energy Performance

Energy benchmarking offers a very effective way to evaluate the performance of a data center facility and compare it to similar facilities.

PDF icon LBNL Datacenter Self-Benchmarking Guide
06/01/2006 Best Practices for Data Centers: Lessons Learned from Benchmarking 22 Data Centers

Over the past few years, the authors benchmarked 22 data center buildings. From this effort, we have determined that data centers can be over 40 times as energy intensive as conventional office buildings.

PDF icon Best Practices from Benchmarking 22 Data Centers
06/29/2006 ASHRAE Standard Weather Data for Building Design Standards

ASHRAE document that contains the international climate zones.

PDF icon ASHRAEstandardClimateZones2006.pdf
12/01/2006 Data Center Air Management Report

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate to data center designers and operators the operational and energy benefits of thoughtful and efficient data center air management techniques.

PDF icon DC AIr Management Report_2006.pdf
01/03/2007 Data Center Economizer Contamination and Humidity Study

Project measured server equipment exposure to particulate matter in typical California data centers to better understand what level of particle concentration is actually present.

PDF icon PG&E Economizer Contamination_2007.pdf