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08/29/2017 DCOI Guide for Data Center Migration, Consolidation, and Closure

This guide supports Federal agencies in their data center management while ensuring that planning is comprehensive for the evaluation, migration, and consolidation of data centers.

PDF icon DCOI migration guide.pdf
10/01/2012 Demonstrating a Dual Heat Exchanger Rack Cooler “Tower” Water for IT Cooling

Presentation on a prototype computer equipment rack-level cooling device from APC Schneider Electric with two heat exchangers was demonstrated at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to illustrate an energy efficient cooling capability. Oct. 2012

PDF icon Tower Water for IT Cooling
07/01/2010 Demonstration of Alternative Cooling for Rack-Mounted Computer Equipment

The California Energy Commission funded a demonstration study through the Public Interest Energy Research program with the objective to compare cooling energy use of an innovative rack-mounted computer cooling design to other computer-rack cooling desig

PDF icon Demo Alternative Cooling_Rack Mounted_2010.pdf
12/01/2009 Demonstration of DASH at California Franchise Tax Board

Control software and wireless sensors designed for closed-loop, monitoring and control of IT equipment’s inlet air temperatures in datacenters were evaluated and tested while other datacenter cooling best practices were implemented.

PDF icon Demo of DASH_2009.pdf
11/01/2012 Demonstration of Intelligent Control and Fan Improvements in Computer Room Air Handlers

Computer room air handlers (CRAHs) at a Digital Realty Trust data center were retrofitted with improved efficiency fans and controlled by a central control system provided by Vigilent.  The resulting efficiency improvements were analyzed in this report.

PDF icon CRAH Intelligent Control
06/01/2014 Demonstration of Rack-Mounted Computer Equipment Cooling Solutions

Eleven cooling systems for rack mounted computer equipment were evaluated and compared for their cooling effectiveness and their energy use.

PDF icon Demo Rack Mounted_2014.pdf
09/01/2010 Demonstration of Rack-Mounted Computer Equipment Cooling Solutions (PIER)

Eleven cooling systems, for rack mounted computer equipment were evaluated and compared for their cooling effectiveness and their energy.

PDF icon Rack Mounted Cooling Solutions_2010.pdf
07/02/2018 Demonstration: Portable Air Management Measurement Tools

This report focuses on improving air management in small data centers due to the great potential for energy savings across the data center industry.

PDF icon Air Management Measurement Tool Demo FINAL 2-23-2018.pdf
12/12/2013 Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office

Manufacturers use our resources to reduce energy costs and chart a path to continuous improvement in energy efficiency and performance.

DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office
08/01/2011 Department of Energy Laboratories: Leadership in Green IT

Join the 17 DOE laboratories as we recap stories about our efforts to make each laboratory’s energy-intensive IT capabilities “green” and supportive of DOE sustainability efforts.

PDF icon US Laboratory Leadership in Green IT
04/05/2017 Department of Energy(DOE) Energy Assessment Process Manual Featured

Manual provides administrative step by step instructions for conducting an energy assessment (before, during, and after the assessment).

PDF icon Process Manual DOE v1.9 (3-31-2017).pdf
04/16/2019 Design and Operational Excellence for Enhanced Sustainability

Slides from the Design and Operational Excellence for Enhanced Sustainability presentation in Bangalore on February 13th, 2019. 

PDF icon Design and Operational Excellence for Enhanced Sustainability _epi India Mr Siddharth Jain.pdf
02/01/2003 Design Recommendations for High-Performance Data Centers

Report from a whole-system design charrette organized by the Rocky Mountain Institute to challenge the current model for data centers and develop a groundbreaking data center design—a clean-sheet model with no compromises.

PDF icon HPDC Charrette_2003.pdf
03/01/2014 Direct Liquid Cooling For Electronic Equipment

Report on the demonstration of direct liquid cooling for electronic equipment.  Cisco C200 M3 servers were retrofitted with the Asetek direct cooling technology.

PDF icon Direct Liquid Cooling
07/18/2017 DOE Data Center Air Management (AM) Estimator: User's Manual

This document provides users with everything they need to know about the Air Management Estimator, a simplified version of the DOE Data Center Air Management Tool. 

PDF icon DOE AM Estimator--User's Manual v1 (6-30-2017) (1).pdf
06/15/2015 DOE's Better Buildings Data Center Partnerships Applying Best Practices to Meet the Challenge

Presentation given by Dale Sartor at the Data Center and Computing Conference in New York, NY.

PDF icon NYC_DataCenterConference_52015.pdf
09/02/2009 Efficiency Opportunities in Data Centers - 2009

Presentation on efficiency opportunities in data centers. 

Author(s): Tschudi, B.

PDF icon Tschudi 9-3-2009
07/13/2015 Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

The Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. conducts research, development and demonstration (RD&D) relating to the generation, delivery and use of electricity for the benefit of the public.

11/05/2014 Electronics Take a Bath

Presentation demonstrating liquid immersion cooling technology. Author(s): Tschudi, B.

PDF icon Tschudi 10-2014
04/15/2015 Electronics Take a Bath- Update

Presentation given at the data center workshop hosted by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and PG&E at NetApp in Sunnyvale, CA. 

Author(s): Tschudi, B.

PDF icon ImmersionCoolingUpdate_SVLG 2015.pdf
01/14/2016 Embedded Data Centers

This report provides an overview of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (NEEA’s) market research activities related to embedded data centers: server closets, server rooms, and localized data centers colocated in commercial, institutional, and ind

PDF icon NEEA_EmbeddedDCs2016.pdf
08/01/2017 Energy Assessment Worksheet Featured

Excel-based worksheet to document metrics, actions, and measurements from data center assessments. It is recommended that users first use the DC Pro tool before using this worksheet.

Office spreadsheet icon AssessmentWorksheetdraft_Final.xls
06/03/2008 Energy Assessment Worksheets

This worksheet can be used to document metrics, actions and measurements. It is recommended that users first use the DC Pro tool before using this worksheet.

Office spreadsheet icon draft-dcpro.xls
09/26/2003 Energy Benchmarking: What is Your Building's Energy IQ?

Presentation that answers the question- what is energy benchmarking anyway? As well as techniques, complications, applications, and tools. Author(s): Mills, E.

Energy Benchmarking: What is Your Building's Energy IQ?
01/19/2017 Energy Efficiency Assessment Report Template Featured

Word template for a data center energy efficiency assessment report that can easily be tailored to actual site data. 

File AssessmentReportTemplate01192017.docx