Data Center Economizer Contamination and Humidity Study


Project measured server equipment exposure to particulate matter in typical California data centers to better understand what level of particle concentration is actually present. Particle and humidity measurements were taken at eight different data centers in the Bay Area between May and November, 2006. These measurements provide insight into the typical particle concentrations in currently operating data centers and how particle concentrations change as air enters the data center from outside and then travels through the HVAC system. Two of the data centers had economizer capability or were adding them during the period of this study. This allowed the monitoring to help determine how significant increases in outside air flowing through the data center affect particle concentrations. Outcomes from this project contribute to understanding the reliability risk associated with airborne particulate matter in data centers and how economizer use alters this reliability risk. Prepared for PG&E. Author(s): Shehabi, A. and B. Tschudi

Cooling Air / Air Management
Environmental Conditions