Advisory Group

Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Center Initiative | Advisory Group & Meetings

Advisory group members devoted significant time and effort to this initiative. The advisory group meetings provided an opportunity for members (see list below) to exchange ideas, hold open discussions, and provide feedback on the recommended guidance for energy efficiency in data centers, among other things.

Task Force Leads/Committee Chairmen

Room Cooling: Mr Raghuveer Singh, Director -Thermal Management, Vertiv Energy Private Limited

Chiller Plant: Mr P.C. Lohia, Vice President - HVAC, Reliance Industries Ltd.

Electrical Systems: Mr Pritam Goyal, General Manager - Data Centers, Vodafone Idea Limited

IT Hardware & Management: Mr Vivek Rajendran, Director, Software Engineering, Dell EMC, Infrastructure

Advisory Group Members:

  • Mr Ashish Rakheja, Managing Partner, AEON
  • Mr Syed Mohamed Beary, CMD, Bearys Group & Chairman, IGBC Bangalore Chapter
  • Mr Angelo Barboza, GM & Head APAC Region, Rittal India
  • Mr B. Rajput, Senior Technical Director, National Information Center
  • Mr Biju Jacob John, AVP – Solutions Engineering & Bids Management, Solutions Engineering, Netmagic (An NTT Company)
  • Mr Chaitanya Tamhankar, Legrand
  • Mr Mayank Srivastav, Director- Data Center Practice, Schneider Electric/APC
  • Mr Hiren Shah, Sr Manager, Reliance Industries Ltd
  • Mr John Booth, Managing Director, Carbon3IT Ltd.
  • Dr Kanwal Sujit, CEO, Terralive Environ Tech Pvt Ltd
  • Mr Kiran A J, Regional Manager – Infrastructure, Infosys, Bangalore
  • Mr Mallikarjun V Patil, CEO, Apt Data Center Consultants India LLP
  • Mr Manik Kapoor, Head Server & Data Center Infrastructure, Asia Pacific & Japan, AMD
  • Mr Manoj Kapil, Practice Head, Data Centers and O&M Services, Wipro Ltd.
  • Mr Mario Dias, Manager-Fac Operations, Workplace Resources, NetApp
  • Mr Murari Sinhal, Gr. Sr Vice President, Reliance Industries Limited
  • Mr Mahesh Trivedi, Sr. Executive Vice President, Netmagic - NTT
  • Mr N K Singh, Senior Director, Business Development - South Asia, Uptime Institute
  • Mr Pankaj R. Wadhwa, Managing Director, Vastunidhi Architects
  • Mr Punit Desai, Regional Manager – Infrastructure, Infosys
  • Mr Pushpendra Pandey, Program Manager - IT Infrastructure & Data Center Operations, IBM Global Technology Services
  • Mr R. Rajkumar, VP-IT, Infosys Limited
  • Mr Rajkumar Kambar, DC Manager Asia – Intel
  • Mr Ranvijay Roy, Consultant, Wipro Limited
  • Mr Saurabh Diddi, Director, Bureau of Energy Efficiency Govt. of India
  • Ms Shalini Singh, Senior Sustainability Manager, Office of the CTO, VMware
  • Ms Shatakshi Suman, Assistant Project Manager (ECBC), Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Govt. of India
  • Mr Shashi Bhushan Prasad, Vice President - Projects, STT GDC
  • Mr K M Shankar, Senior Manager - Data Center Operations, STT GDC
  • Mr Shekhar Dasgupta, Founder, GreenField Software Private Ltd.
  • Mr Shrirang Deshpande, Country Head-Data Center Business (India), Vertiv Energy Pvt Ltd.
  • Mr Shubham Agarwal, Manager, Green Initiative, Infosys, Bangalore
  • Mr Siddharth Jain, Managing Director, EPI-India
  • Mr Vinit Gupta, Country Head Marketing, Numeric
  • Mr Vinod Kulkarni, Facility Manager, NetApp India Private Limited

Advisory Group Meetings

July 2019

In the July 2019 Advisory Group Meeting, members convened to discuss the ECBC User Guide for Data Centers and weigh in on areas that required further discussion. The members reviewed all the activities carried out under the initiative during the Phase-I, Phase-II and ongoing Phase-III. Chairs of the various subgroup committees (including chillers, cooling, IT hardware & software and electrical systems) detailed the basis of the ECBC guide recommendations. also weighted in on outstanding also convened to discuss areas that required further discussion.

Meeting Materials & Presentations

February 2019

A project review meeting was held with Advisory Group Members and others on February 13th in Bangalore. The proposed energy performance levels in Data Centers per ECBC and additional recommendations from the Advisory Group members were discussed for each of the sub-working groups: Chillers, Cooling, Electrical, and IT.

Meeting Materials & Presentations

July 2018

As part of the joint initiative, an Advisory Group Meeting was held at the Infosys Campys in Bangalore on July 17th, 2018. The full list of advisory group members is listed below. The purpose of the meeting was to collaborate on, and review standards in the ECBC relevant to data centers, and discuss additional suggestions for higher levels of the ECBC code where none were presented. The Advisory Group divided the various measures ECBC measures into four categories and formed a task force for each with volunteer members and a designated leader. These task forces met throughout the proejct to provide collective feedback on the proposed standards.

Meeting Materials & Presentations