Data Center Air Management Tool

The Data Center Air Management Tool (v.3) was developed to accelerate energy savings in data centers without affecting the thermal IT equipment environment by identifying opportunities through air management upgrades. The March 2023 version contains several important upgrades, including:

* Updated eGRID carbon emission data to latest reported numbers

* Added electrical Transmission & Distribution (T&D) losses for more accurate carbon emissions estimates

* Added functionality to estimate water consumption based on WUE

* Added link to validation study of tool 

* Added input checks for air management measures

* A number of warning/error labels added to provide better stability and a better user experience

* Removed/updated legacy language throughout.


The previous version included the following key upgrades: 

* Carbon savings estimates: Users can select their state's average utility carbon emission rates or, alternatively, custom utility emission rate (which allows for what-if scenarios).

* Simple payback period estimates: Direct input of costs for energy-saving measures are used with the calculated total energy savings to calculate a simple payback period.

* High-level integration between the system tools: Guidelines are provided on how to export data from the IT Equipment Tool to the Air Management Tool.


Cooling & Air Management