Building the Business Case for Energy Efficiency in Your Data Center


The energy intensity of data centers means that energy efficiency improvements have the potential to deliver substantial energy (and monetary) savings to an organization. There are dynamics unique to data centers that create a set of underlying drivers, stakeholders, and barriers to data center energy efficiency projects that are distinct from energy efficiency projects generally. This resource is designed to help project champions identify underlying drivers for data center energy efficiency, engage and win over key stakeholders, and overcome barriers as they build the business case for driving improvements in their data center.

Get started building the business case for energy efficiency in in your data center by exploring each of the three steps!

Identify drivers

What are the motivating factors (and benefits) of implementing an energy efficiency project in your data center? 

Win over stakeholders

Which stakeholders are relevant in your organization? What drivers resonate with those stakeholders? What barriers might impact their buy-in? What resources are helpful to achieve their buy-in?

Overcome barriers

What barriers do you expect throughout the initiation, planning, and implementation process based on key stakeholders and organizational context? What resources are available to help overcome these barriers and successfully initiate a data center energy efficiency project?