Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP)

DOE has partnered with industry to develop a Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) program to accelerate energy savings in the dynamic and energy-intensive marketplace of data centers.

The DCEP program was defined, designed, and implemented by working closely with industry stakeholders. Presently (October 2013) there are more than 300 qualified Practitioners. Significant knowledge, training, and skills are required to perform accurate energy assessments in data centers. DCEPs will:

  • Be qualified to identify and evaluate energy efficiency opportunities in data centers;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of DOE's DC Pro software tool suite;
  • Address energy opportunities in electrical systems, air management, HVAC, and IT equipment;
  • Meet academic/work experience requirements (pre-qualifications);
  • Receive training on conducting data center assessments;
  • Be required to pass an exam.

Property management companies, engineering consulting firms, service companies, data center operators, state energy agencies, and utilities will benefit from the expertise provided by DCEPs.

Read more about the DCEP Program Fact Sheet, October 2013, and download the DCEP Program Description, October 2013. Sign up for more information by contacting

DCEPs can download the DCEP Program Energy Training-Assessment Process Manual, August 2013, for administrative step-by-step instructions for conducting an energy assessment before, during, and after an on-site data center assessment. The manual also includes useful templates for assessments.

Training Calendar

The DCEP Program is delivered worldwide by two Professional Training Organizations (PTOs): DatacenterDynamics and CNet Training. For scheduled training events please contact and respectively. If you are having problems contacting these organizations, please contact

Data Center Energy Practitioners

See the files below for an updated list of DCEP Developers, Instructors, and Practitioners.

These files contain information about Level I Practitioners (Generalists) and Level II Practitioners (Specialists). All completed training on performing energy assessments in data centers and passed an exam demonstrating their proficiency in the use of select tools in the DC Pro tool suite (Profiling Tool + System Assessments Tools).

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