Third-Party Tools & Incentives

Data Center Maturity Model
The Data Center Maturity Model (DCMM) touches upon every aspect of the data center including power, cooling, compute, storage, and networking. In addition, the levels of the model outline current best practices and a 5-year roadmap for the industry. The DCMM Assessment Tool can be used to evaluate a data center and IT portfolio against the DCMM, get access to a personal DCMM equalizer, and obtain benchmarking results. Both a summary assessment (20-minute) and detailed assessment (45-minute) are available. Offered by The Green Grid.

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
Portfolio Manager is an interactive energy management tool that allows users to track energy and water consumption of buildings in a secure online environment. The energy performance of a building is expressed on a 1-to-100 scale. A rating of 75 indicates the building performs better than 75% of all similar buildings. The energy performance ratings for data centers were released in 2010 and provide a valuable way to benchmark. More information on the ENERGY STAR Score for Data Centers is available here.

Free Cooling Calculator
Based on environmental factors and variables related to cooling infrastructure and IT energy use, this tool calculates potential savings attributable to the use of free cooling. Offered by The Green Grid.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency
The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) houses information on the financial incentives available for efficient data center equipment. The DSIRE database can be searched or filtered to access the relevant information. To see the list of programs with a data center offering, click the Programs tab from the main header then Apply Filter. Filter by Technology>Energy Efficiency>Other>Data Center Equipment. 

Incentives from Consortium for Energy Efficiency Members 
The Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE)'s Data Centers and Business IT Program Summary provides a downloadable Excel spreadsheet of the data center incentives that CEE members offer. CEE members include investor-owned or municipal utilities, state or provincial energy offices, government agencies, and nonutility program administrators.