Two Excel-based tools designed to optimize air management in data centers while enhancing energy efficiency. Both tools were intended to help users accelerate the energy savings in data centers without affecting the thermal IT equipment environment.

This toolkit provides guidance and a logical sequence for users to employ the CoE Tools in order to achieve energy efficiency in their data centers. 

The DC Pro tools, DC Pro and the PUE Estimator are two "early stage" profiling tools designed for data center owners and operators to diagnose how energy is being used by their data centers and determine ways to save energy and money.

Excel-based tool designed to help datacenter owners assess the potential savings from efficiency actions in the electrical power chain of a data center (transformers, generators, UPSs, PDUs, power supplies).

Microsoft Word template for qualified assessors to report data center energy efficiency assessment findings. The document can easily be filled in with site data. An example assessment report using the template is also available here.

Excel-based worksheet to document metrics, actions, and measurements from data center assessments. It is recommended that users first use the DC Pro tool before using this worksheet.

Guide that covers how a portable and temporary wireless mesh assessment kit can be used to speed up the energy assessment process, reduce the costs, and overcome the issues with respect to shutdowns.

Comprehensive list of both high-level and detailed best practices. It is recommended to utilize this list of best practices within an energy assessment report.

The Data Center Maturity Model, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, the Free Cooling Calculator, and financial incentives are also available to help improve energy efficiency in data centers.

Manual that provides administrative step by step instructions for conducting an energy assessment (before, during, and after the assessment).