IT Equipment

Computations per watt is improving, but computation demand is increasing even faster, so overall energy use is increasing. The lifetime electrical cost will soon exceed cost of IT equipment. However, IT equipment load can be controlled. Reducing the IT power requirements through energy-efficiency improvements results in a multiplier effect with the infrastructure power: every unit of IT power results in some portion of infrastructure power also being utilized; by eliminating IT power use, you also can eliminate the associated infrastructure power use.


  • Turn Off Unused Equipment
  • Decommission Unused Servers
  • Consolidate Lightly Used Servers
  • Ensure IT Equipment Power Supplies are Properly Configured
  • Virtualize the Computer Hardware Platform, Operating System (OS), Storage Device, or Computer Network Resources
  • Install IT Management Systems and Applications
  • Better Power Management
  • Storage Optimization: Deduplication, RAID, etc.
  • During Refresh, Procure More-Efficient IT Equipment (ENERGY STAR Certified servers, storagelarge network equipment, and UPSs)
  • IT Hardware Can be Designed to Dramatically Reduce Data Center Infrastructure Requirements: Environmentally hardened, DC powered, Integrated UPS, Liquid Cooled, Demand Responsive, Redundancy in the Network (rather than in the data center)