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Date Title Files and Links
06/22/2018 Open Specification for a Liquid Cooled Server Rack Featured

This document is a progress update on the development of an open specification for a liquid cooled server rack. The initiative to develop an open specification for liquid cooling is part of a larger initiative to harmonize international open standards i

PDF icon OpenSpecification.pdf
08/01/2017 Energy Assessment Worksheet Featured

Excel-based worksheet to document metrics, actions, and measurements from data center assessments. It is recommended that users first use the DC Pro tool before using this worksheet.

Office spreadsheet icon AssessmentWorksheetdraft_Final.xls
03/29/2017 Small Data Centers, Large Energy Savings(Presentation) Featured

Slides from Steve Greenberg's webinar on Saving Energy in Your Small Data Centers.

PDF icon Small Data Centers, Large Energy Savings Presentation03292017.pdf
03/27/2017 Small Data Centers, Big Energy Savings Featured

The purpose of this brief guide is to present opportunities for small data center owners and operators that generally make sense and do not need expensive assessment and analysis to justify.

PDF icon Small Data Centers, Big Energy Savings.pdf
10/17/2016 CEE Data Centers and Business IT Program Summary Featured

The Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE)'s Data Centers and Business IT Program Summary provides a downloadable Excel spreadsheet of the data center incentives that CEE members offer.

Link to download list of incentives
02/11/2016 Data Center Master List of Energy Efficiency Actions Featured

Comprehensive list of recommended efficiency actions for data centers. The Master list also feeds into our Data Center Profiler (DC Pro) tool to provide tailored recommendations for improvement.

PDF icon DCProMasterList02112016.pdf
06/13/2019 The C L E E R (Cloud Energy and Emissions Research) Model

The C L E E 

06/06/2019 Excellence in Design & Operation through Electrical Infrastructure File 4 Des & Ops Excllnce_Mr Pritam Goyal.pptx
02/21/2019 Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers (Slide Deck)

Presentation given by Dale Sartor at the First Advisory Group Meeting (held in Bangalore in July 2018) for the "Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers Initiative."

PDF icon Annexure-B Accelerating energy efficiency in Indian Data centers.pdf
02/13/2019 Energy Efficiency in Data Centres Through Optimized Operations

Slides from the Energy Efficiency in Data Centres Through Optimized Operations presentation held in Bangalore on February 13th, 2019. 

PDF icon Green Mark -SS564 Slides for India _Schinder Electric Mr Eswar.pdf
02/13/2019 Green DC Initiative of IGBC and LBNL US for Enhanced Energy efficiency In Indian Data centres - Electrical Recommendations PDF icon Electrical_Recommendations_ECBC User Guide for DCs_13 Feb19_Mr Pritam Goyal.pdf
12/18/2018 Data center growth in the United States: decoupling the demand for services from electricity use

Data centers are energy intensive buildings that have grown in size and number to meet the increasing demands of a digital economy.

PDF icon Data center growth in the United States.pdf
10/02/2018 ENERGY STAR® Program Requirements for Computer Servers

These Version 3.0 ENERGY STAR Specification requirements will take effect on June 17, 2019 and computer servers should be tested using SERT Version 2.0.1The Version 3.0 specification will recognize the

PDF icon ENERGY STAR Version 3.0 Computer Servers Program Requirements (1).pdf
08/20/2018 How to Save Money in Your Small Data Center

At Energy Exchange 2018, Dale Sartor & Steve Greenberg of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) held a workshop on money-saving actions that you can take in your small data center.

PDF icon Small Data Center Energy Exchange Workshop.pdf
How to Save Money in Your Small Data Center (Presentation Slides)
08/21/2017 Presentation: Practical Considerations for Metering and Power Usage Effectiveness

Slides from Dale Sartor's August 17, 2017 presentation on metering and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) while participating in FEMP's Energy Exchange Data Center Panel.

PDF icon Sartor Metering and PUE EExchange.pdf
06/26/2017 Improving Energy Efficiency for Server Rooms & Closets

A guide outlining effective methods to increase energy efficiency- ranging from low to high cost.

PDF icon Improving Energy Efficiency for Server Rooms and Closets.pdf
06/22/2017 ENERGY STAR Page on Enterprise Servers

Overview of ENERGY STAR certified Enterprise Servers.

ENERGY STAR Page on Enterprise Servers
02/02/2017 ENERGY STAR Office Equipment web page

ENERGY STAR page that includes links to purchase ENERGY STAR Certified servers, storage, UPSs, and large network equipment.

ENERGY STAR Office Equipment
02/02/2017 FEMP's Covered Product Categories searchable table

Federal agencies are required to purchase energy-efficient products.

FEMP's Covered Product Categories searchable table
04/29/2016 Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE)

The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) houses information on the financial incentives available for efficient data center equipment.

02/25/2015 Applying Best Practices to Meet the Challenge: Participation in the DOE Better Buildings Challenge

Presentation on the DOE Better Buildings Challenge given at the Technology Covergence Conference Santa Clara. Author(s): Sartor, D.

PDF icon TCC 2015 Sartor Presentation021015.pdf
02/25/2015 Best Practices for Data Center Energy Efficiency Seminar, Santa Clara 2015

Presentation from seminar organized by Dale Sartor and hosted by the Technology Convergence Conference Santa Clara. Topics covered:

PDF icon Sartor TCC Data CenterSeminar Feb 2015.pdf
11/01/2014 Comparing Server Energy Use and Efficiency Using Small Sample Sizes

This report documents a demonstration that compared the energy consumption and efficiency of a limited sample size of server-­‐‑type IT equipment from different manufacturers by measuring power at the server power supply power cords.

PDF icon Server Energy Use Efficiency - Small Sample Size Strategies
06/01/2013 The Energy Efficiency Potential of Cloud-Based Software: A U.S. Case Study

The energy use of data centers is a topic that has received much attention, given that data centers currently account for 1-2% of global electricity use.

PDF icon US Cloud Potential
10/26/2012 Data Center Energy Efficiency Measurement Assessment Kit Guide and Specification (Archived)

A portable and temporary wireless mesh assessment kit can be used to speed up and reduce the costs of a data center energy use assessment and overcome the issues with respect to shutdowns.

PDF icon Datacenter Assessment Guide