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05/21/2020 Opportunities for ESPCs in Data Centers (Webinar Slides) Featured

Slide deck from CoE's May 21st webinar - Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) Opportunities in Data Centers. This webinar presents an overview of opportunities for using energy saving performance contracts (ESPCs) as a

PDF icon Data Center ESPC Webinar-PPT.pdf
03/19/2020 Data Center Electrical Power Chain Tool Featured

This spreadsheet-based tool is designed to assess the potential savings from efficiency actions in the electrical power chain of a data center, including lighting.

To use the tool, users will need to input:

12/10/2019 Investing In Data Center Resilience Featured

Data centers are cornerstones of modern digital living. They often also are critical infrastructure, essential support for emergency response, health and governance.

PDF icon Designing and Managing Data Centers for Resilience, Summary Presentation (Dec. 3, 2019)
Webinar Recording: Designing and Managing Data Centers for Resilience
11/20/2019 HPC Energy Efficiency in the Exascale Era Featured

Slide deck from the a Keynote delivered by Jeff Broughton (LBNL) at the energy efficiency workshop at the Super Compute 2019 conference.

PDF icon SC 2019 EE HPC Keynote V2.pdf
11/05/2019 New Horizons: Getting Back to Liquid Cooling Featured

Amidst a backdrop of increasing computing demand, warm liquid cooling is among the cutting edge technologies that have emerged to lower energy bills and improve resiliency in data centers.

PDF icon 7x24LiquidCooling_New_Horizons.pdf
10/28/2019 CoE DCOI Fact Sheet Featured

In June 2019, The Office of Management & Budget (OMB) released updated guidance on the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI). OMB Memorandum M-19-19 rescinds and replaces OMB Memorandum M-16-19.

PDF icon LBNL CoE DCOI Fact Sheet_1-30.pdf
08/19/2019 Getting Started: Identifying and Assessing Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Your Data Center Featured

This slide deck was presented at the Energy Exchange 2019 pre-conference workshop "Getting Started: Identifying and Assessing Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Your Data Center" on August 19th, 2019. The workshop covers:

PDF icon EEx 2019 - Getting Started_ Identifying and Assessing Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Your Data Center_final.pdf
Getting Started: Identifying and Assessing Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Your Data Center
10/02/2018 The Information Factories Featured

Article Featured in Nature magazine in 13 September 2018 | Vol 561

PDF icon nature.pdf
06/22/2018 Open Specification for a Liquid Cooled Server Rack Featured

This document is a progress update on the development of an open specification for a liquid cooled server rack. The initiative to develop an open specification for liquid cooling is part of a larger initiative to harmonize international open standards i

PDF icon OpenSpecification.pdf
06/01/2016 United States Data Center Energy Usage Report Featured

This report estimates historical data center electricity consumption back to 2000, relying on previous studies and historical shipment data, and forecasts consumption out to 2020 based on new trends and the most recent data available.

PDF icon DataCenterEnergyReport2016.pdf
06/18/2020 Chilled Water Plant Design Guide PDF icon EDR_DesignGuidelines_CoolToolsChilledWater.pdf
06/08/2020 Better Buildings Summit 2020: Data Center Meetup

Slide deck from the 2020 Better Buildings Summit Data Center Meetup (held virtually on 6/8/2020).

PDF icon Data Centers Meet Up Slide Deck.pdf
06/05/2020 BREAK THROUGH Data Center Design: NetApp-Bangalore Campus PDF icon Data Centre_Presentation_NetApp.pdf
06/03/2020 Chiller Plant Efficiency PDF icon Design Brief_Chiller Efficiency.pdf
06/03/2020 2017 Energy Conservation Building Code PDF icon 2017 Energy Conservation Building Code (Nov. 2019 release)
05/26/2020 Getting IT & Facilities Working Together as a Team

Presentation slides from a 5/26 presentation to the DCOI Cloud & Infrastructure Community of Practice (C&I CoP).

PDF icon Getting IT & Facilities Working Together as a Team.pdf
05/06/2020 Reducing Energy Cost: Optimizing Performance through Energy Efficiency Best Practices

Presentation from DCOI's 5/6 Community of Practice webinar.

PDF icon DCOI May Meet 050620.pdf
04/16/2020 Sustainability & Environment Subgroup Webinar

Slide deck from the April 2020 Sustainability and Environment Subgroup (SESG).  Presentations made by Jeff Broughton (NERSC Deputy for Operations, LBNL), and Jim Rogers (Computing and Facilities Director for the National Center for Computational Science

PDF icon SESG Webinar April 2020.pdf
03/23/2020 Recalibrating global data center energy-use estimates

Data centers represent the information backbone of an increasingly digitalized world.

PDF icon Masanet_et_al_Science_2020.full_.pdf
01/21/2020 Improving UPS Efficiency Using "Eco-Mode"

Slide deck on UPS efficiency opportunities, presented at a Better Buildings webinar on 1/21/2020.


PDF icon UPS_Efficiency-Slide-deck.pdf
10/07/2019 16 More Ways to Cut Energy Waste in the Data Center

Generate ideas on how to reduce energy waste in your data center with ENERGY STAR's recommended energy efficiency actions, available here.

10/07/2019 5 Simple Ways to Avoid Energy Waste in Your Data Center

These five measures can save a significant amount of energy and are fairly easily implemented. 


10/07/2019 ENERGY STAR: Data Center Energy Efficiency Success Stories

This page, hosted on the ENERGY STAR website, contains case studies and return of investment (ROI) su

09/24/2019 A Joint Initiative of IGBC and LBNL US for “Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centres”

Slide deck presentation from the September 24th, 2019 Data Center Blueprint Summit held in Mumbai. 

Office presentation icon IGBC and LBNL Initiative of EE in DCs.ppt
09/24/2019 Making Datacenters Resilient and Efficient

Slide deck presentation from the September 24th, 2019 Data Center Blueprint Summit held in Mumbai. 

File How to make data centre resilient efficient - Copy.pptx