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01/01/2016 Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers: Final Report for Phase I Activities
This report documents Phase I of the “Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers” initiative to support the development of an energy efficiency policy framework for Indian data centers.
PDF icon IndiaFinalPhase1Report_LBNL2016.pdf
12/01/2015 2015 Executive Order For Federal Data Centers (article)
Article by LBNL's Magnus Herrlin, and Bruce Myatt featured in Mission Critical Magazine's column, Zink Whiskers.

Link to view on Mission Critical's site
11/20/2015 Example Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessment Report
Data center energy efficiency assessment completed for an anonymous federal agency (Agency X) using the Center of Expertise's assessment template.
PDF icon Example_DC_EE_Assessment.pdf
10/30/2015 Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) Data Centers
Overview of FEMP's data center work including CoE.

10/30/2015 A practical approach to PUE (article)
Article by LBNL featured in Data Center Dynamics' opinion section and online newsletter.

Link to view on Data Center Dynamics' site
10/06/2015 Data Center Metering and Resource Guide Presentation
Presentation given by Steve Greenberg at the 2015 Critical Facilities Summit. 
PDF icon CFS15_Greenberg_MeteringGuide102015.pdf
09/18/2015 DC Pro - Full List of Questions
List of questions in the DC Pro tool, V4. Document can be printed to gather the required information offline. 
File DC Pro Questions Checklist_09182015.docx
09/10/2015 PUE Estimator - Full List of Questions
List of questions in the PUE Estimator tool, V1. Document can be printed to gather the required information offline. 
File PUE Estimator Questions Checklist_09102015_0.docx
08/10/2015 Better Buildings, Better Data Centers: Applying Best Practices
Presentation slides from Dale Sartor's Data Center Energy Efficiency Best Practices Workshop. The workshop was hosted as an Energy Exchange pre-training event in Phoenix, Arizona.
PDF icon Energy Exchange DC Workshop_08102015.pdf
07/13/2015 7x24
The 7X24 Exchange is an industry association who's goal is to improve end to end reliability by promoting an exchange of information between those that design, build, and maintain data center facilities.

07/13/2015 United States Telecom Association
USTelecom is the nation's leading trade association representing broadband service providers and suppliers. 

United States Telecom Association
07/13/2015 Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG)
The Silicon Valley Leadership Group is a public policy business trade organization.

07/13/2015 Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
The Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. conducts research, development and demonstration (RD&D) relating to the generation, delivery and use of electricity for the benefit of the public.

07/13/2015 AFCOM
AFCOM advances data center professionals by delivering comprehensive and vendor-neutral education and peer-to-peer networking to its members around the globe. 

07/13/2015 The Up Time Institute
The Uptime Institute focuses on improving uptime management in Data Center Facilities and Information Technology organizations. Members represent Fortune 500 companies who collectively and interactively learn from each other.

Up Time Institute
06/15/2015 DOE's Better Buildings Data Center Partnerships Applying Best Practices to Meet the Challenge
Presentation given by Dale Sartor at the Data Center and Computing Conference in New York, NY.
PDF icon NYC_DataCenterConference_52015.pdf
05/19/2015 The Emerging Chinese Market for Energy Efficient Data Centers
Presentation from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) webinar, The Emerging Chinese Market for High Performance Data Centers. Webinar sheds light on some of the significant opportunities and challenges for companies that are exploring this market. 
PDF icon China Data Center EE Opportunities 20150519.pdf
04/30/2015 Free-Cooling Calculator
Based on environmental factors, and variables related to datacenter cooling infrastructure and IT energy use, this tool calculates potential savings attributable to the use of free cooling. From Green Grid.

Link to Tool
04/30/2015 Data Center Maturity Model Assessment Tool
The Data Center Maturity Model (DCMM) touches upon every aspect of the data center including power, cooling, compute, sto

Link to Tool
04/30/2015 ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
Benchmarking the energy performance of your buildings is a key first step to understanding and reducing energy consumption and your carbon footprint.

Link to Tool
04/27/2015 ESTCP Project: Liquid Immersion Cooling of Electronics
Project description that explains the potential of liquid immersion cooling in high performance computing (HPC) and highlights a demonstration of the technology at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington, DC. Author(s): Coles, H.C.
PDF icon ImmersionCooling_ESTCP_2015.pdf
04/23/2015 ETCC: Data Center Air Management Research
Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council (ETCC) material on data center air management. Several common air management measures were included in the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling to explore the energy-saving potentials.

Link to Data Center Air Management Research
04/17/2015 Calculating Energy Savings Using High Efficiency DC Power Architecture in a Server Application (Tool)
This Excel-based calculator provides a first-order estimate of the magnitude of the energy savings based on converting an AC-based powering architecture to a DC-based powering architecture for a rack of servers.
Office spreadsheet icon dc_server_powering_ calculator.xls
04/16/2015 ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments
Presentation given at the data center workshop hosted by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and PG&E at NetApp in Sunnyvale, CA.  Author(s): Steinbrecher, R.
PDF icon ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines_ SVLG 2015.pdf
04/16/2015 Case Study: Net App Data Centers and Lab
Presentation given at the data center workshop hosted by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and PG&E at NetApp in Sunnyvale, CA.  Author(s): Renne, R.
PDF icon Netapp Data Centers SVLG 2015.pdf