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10/25/2021 Webinar: Accessing Onboard Server Sensors for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers
A data center houses a compute infrastructure as well as support infrastructure such as cooling and electrical systems. All this equipment needs constant monitoring to operate cost effectively.
PDF icon Accessing Onboard Server Sensors FINAL_102520.pdf
09/30/2021 DCEP Program Developers, Instructors, and Practitioners
List of developers, instructors, and generalists for the DCEP program.
PDF icon DCEP_LIST_Updated 9-30-2021 with September training.pdf
09/20/2021 IT Efficiency Tool
IT equipment is at the core of energy consumption in data centers. Energy savings at the IT level will have an impact on essentially all energy use in these facilities.
PDF icon FINAL IT Tool User Manual 9-30-2021 (1).pdf
File IT Tool 9-30-2021 - Final Delivery (1).xlsx
09/20/2021 Accessing Onboard Server Sensors for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers (Report)
Monitoring data center energy use at an aggregated level, as well as at the system level can provide data center owners and operators with critical insight that in turn, can help them reduce energy use.
PDF icon FINAL Accessing Onboard Server Data 9-20-2021 (1).pdf
09/02/2021 Webinar: Barriers to Data Center Energy Efficiency: The Role of Organizational Behavior, Psychology, and Economics
(Held September 2nd, 2021).
PDF icon Barriers Webinar 9.1.21.pdf
07/26/2021 NetApp Case Study
NetApp, Inc., is a hybrid cloud data services and data management company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. NetApp has five data centers (Sunnyvale, CA; Durham, NC; Boulder, CO; Amsterdam; and Bangalore).
PDF icon NetApp Bangalore_Case Study - Free Outside Air Cooling_IGBC & LBNL 2021.pdf
07/23/2021 "Hot" for Warm Water Cooling
The transition from air to liquid cooling is an inflection point providing an opportunity to work collectively to set guidelines for facilitating the energy efficiency of liquid-cooled High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities and systems.
PDF icon Hot for Warm Water Cooling.pdf
07/23/2021 Warm-Water Cooling in Sandia National Laboratory HPC
The 2021 case study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory succinctly outlines the latest in the innovative "warm-water" approach at Sandia.
PDF icon Sandia HPC Liquid Cooling_Case Study_NREL_July 2021.pdf
07/23/2021 Cooling Performance Testing of Attaway's Negative Pressure CDU
Attaway is a recently installed High-Performance Computing (HPC) machine at Sandia National Labs that is 70% water-cooled and 30% air-cooled.
PDF icon 206888r.pdf
PDF icon Sandia HPC Liquid Cooling_Case Study_NREL_July 2021.pdf
06/30/2021 Datacenter Air Management Tool User Manual
Use manual accompanying the Air Management Tool.
PDF icon DOE AM Tool--User's Manual v2 (6-30-2021).pdf
06/30/2021 Data Center Air Management Tool
The Data Center Air Management Tool (v.2) was developed to accelerate energy savings in data centers without affecting the thermal IT equipment environment by assessing the data center air-management status. 
Office spreadsheet icon AM Tool v2 (6-30-21) Distribution.xls
Air Management Tool User Guide
Air Management Tool Data Collection Guide
Air Management Tool Engineering Reference Manual
06/29/2021 Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics for Reliable and Efficient Data Center Operations at LBNL’s High Performance Computing (HPC) Center
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) pioneered using data analytics tools for operational reliability and efficiency at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC).
PDF icon 2021-ASHRAE-virtual-conf_Liu_NERSC (submitted).pdf
05/27/2021 Cooling Data Centers with Warm Water
Presentation from 5/27/2021 on cooling data centers with warm water.
PDF icon Sartor IEEE Madison 052621 (1).pdf
05/13/2021 Webinar: Thermal Guidelines and Temperature Measurements in Data Centers
Accurate and cost-effective temperature management in data centers is not only important for air management and overall energy efficiency but also for thermal management of the IT equipment.
PDF icon Thermal Guidelines Webinar 5-12-2021_v2._FINAL (1) (1).pdf
05/06/2021 ECBC 2017 Data Center User Guide
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Confederation of Indian Industry – Indian Green Building Council developed this guide to aid data center developers, suppliers and operators in complying with the Energy Conservation Building Code of 2017 an
05/05/2021 Emergence and Expansion of Liquid Cooling in Mainstream Data Centers
The IT industry is at a performance inflection point. When purchasing a new computing device, it is expected to be more powerful than the previous generation.

Emergence and Expansion of Liquid Cooling in Mainstream Data Centers
04/27/2021 DCEP Program Description
PDF icon DCEP Program Description 4-27-2021 - General.pdf
04/06/2021 Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and NREL: Allies in Energy Efficiency, Systems Integration, and Resilience
This case study explores the collaboration between NREL and Marin Corp Air Station (MCAS) Miramar to build a new efficient, resilient, and cost-effective data center. 
PDF icon NREL Program News_Miramar Data Center_04-06-21.pdf
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and NREL: Allies in Energy Efficiency, Systems Integration, and Resilience
03/29/2021 DCEP IT Specialist Training Agenda
Typical training agenda for the IT Specialist DCEP program. 
PDF icon DCEP IT-Training 1-day Agenda 2-17-2021 - Web.pdf
02/22/2021 ISO 50001 Certification
Designed to support organizations in all sectors, ISO 50001 provides a practical way to improve energy use, through the development of an energy management system (EnMS).

02/22/2021 Contracting for Efficiency: A Best Practices Guide for Energy-Efficient Product Procurement
Contracting for Efficiency: A Best Practices Guide for Energy-Efficient Product Procurement, provides guidance to agencies with regard t

01/21/2021 Energy Efficiency Toolkit Series: IT Equipment
Energy savings at the IT Equipment level cascade through most energy consuming support systems in data centers hence multiplying the energy savings.
PDF icon Introduction To The New IT Equipment Tool - Saving Energy At The IT Equipment Level - Final.pdf
12/23/2020 Infosys Bangalore Case Study
Infosys intended its Bangalore data center to challenge India’s data center design practices and inspire the enterprise data center industry by demonstrating best-available technology and world-class performance.
PDF icon Innovation in Energy Efficiency - Infosys Bangalore DC_IGBC&LBNL_2020.pdf
12/23/2020 Half Day Workshop | August 2020
Materials from the August 2020 virtual Half Day Workshop for the Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers Initiative
PDF icon CII Workshop 2020 Aug_Vivek Rajendran Dell EMC (1).pdf
PDF icon Final Agenda 19 Aug - Workshop on Green Data Centers by IGBC and LBNL US (1).pdf
PDF icon 8Eaton _CII Untapped Potential 19th August_Eaton (1).pdf
PDF icon 1DC workshop - 19 Aug 2020_IGBC - Shivraj Dhaka (1).pdf
PDF icon 5Data Center Sustainability v1_NPCI (1).pdf
PDF icon 3Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centres by_Mr Sinhal (1).pdf
12/10/2020 Data Center Summit | December 2020
Materials from the 2 day Data Center Summit "Green & Resilient Indian Data Centers," held by IGBC, CII and LBNL.
PDF icon Final Agenda_Data Center Summit 2020_CII-IGBC.pdf