The C L E E R (Cloud Energy and Emissions Research) Model

The C L E E R (Cloud Energy and Emissions Research) Model


The C L E E R (Cloud Energy and Emissions Research) Model is a comprehensive user friendly open-access model for assessing the net energy and emissions implications of cloud services in different regions and at different levels of market adoption. The model aims to provide full transparency on calculations and input value assumptions so that its results can be replicated and its data and methods can be easily refined and improved by the research community.


  • Data Center Operations
  • Client IT Devices (Business and Residential)
  • Embodied Data Center IT
  • Embodied Data Center Structure
  • Network
  • Embodied Client IT (Business and Residential)
  • Embodied Network


Present Day & Cloud

  • Data Center details: Type of data center, region, carbon intensity of electricity source, primary energy, number of servers. 
  • Edit Model details. Model assumptions and inputs can be edited.


  • Primary energy use in Terajoules. Download or Save options available for results.
IT Equipment